09 February 2013

Sunny Snowy Saturday

 Prayers all roads are clear soon, and power is restored to those who've lost their electricity in the areas harder hit south and east of this location.

 The photograph on the right is of Main Street taken yesterday around noon time. I estimate the final accumulation of snowfall is twice that of the picture. The sun is out today, and so is the wind. The gusting is strong enough to notice by the sound of the wind through the tree branches being louder than usual. Every so often, a snow dusting spins in the air like a dancing ghost.

In the backyard the snow is powdery, but packing down fairly  well.

Have a great week-end


  1. Dear Maywyn - was praying you were alright today. Looks like you survived the worst of the storm. So glad you are safe. God Bless.


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