27 February 2013

Sidewalk Series

Main Street looking west, February 2013
Many years ago when I began using my camera like a service dog/comfort zone against panic or anxiety attacks, I thought  some day I will do a series of photographs, paintings and poetry of these simple sidewalk strolls. At first, there was one spot that I took more pictures of than any other. A painting is all I planned to do until I began wanting more. The other day while looking at old photos, I felt that bud of an idea  blooming.
A walk yesterday in the winter sun is different because the photographs aren't just reference anymore. They are a real statement of my creativity.

I start thinking...What photo will I chose for the cover? A positive attitude is the right one when beginning to put together a project you may have been dreaming about, and developing, for years.
 The photographs from the last ten+/-  years will take awhile to put together as will the poems,written as well as to be written.
In the photo above, I love the way the tree shadows in the middle and foreground go in the opposite direction from the trees in the horizon, and the road. White, Payne's Gray, gray, blue, and ochre is the main color palette of almost all the photos on that end of Main Street. Going towards downtown, more color enters the scenes.
Main Street Winter 2010

Is there a project you've been thinking about over the years? 


  1. I've been thinking about writing about a particular place for ten years but I have been thinking about it for so long that I'm a bit scared of really trying to do it. I guess I need to pull myself together. :) Good luck with your project, you must feel so pleased at having started on it.

  2. Hello Jenny,
    You write so well, I think once you begin the words will flow where you want them to be. Good luck with your project

    Thank you for the encouragement

  3. Dear Maywyn - I think this will come together well for you. There is something about that photo that calls to me too Maywyn - perhaps it is the shadows but I think it is more the light in the sky - whatever it is good luck.

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Thank you. Your words are encouraging.
      Starting off such a large project is overwhelming.


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