19 February 2013

Letter Press Block Collecting

Many years ago my Father gave me an old box of discarded letter press type, about fifteen pounds of them, and two old wood letter press boxes. Picking through the dead spider web stuff, and various insect carcasses, an image of a metal scrap heap panned across my brain. Then I found a tiny little letter so cute that love bloomed.
Letter press letters

The A in the photo on the right is about 1/16th of an inch, and the W is 1/8th of an inch.

Learning always nowadays includes searching the Internet. I found a fantastic website, Letterpress Blog, with great link resources, and (giggle) a store. Also, take a look at the website, Ladies of the Letterpress, (an organization open to men and women).

For collecting, you can begin on eBay where auction listings provide the chance for a good bargain. Or try Esty.com letter press blocks.

There is a lot out there to chose from. You can collect letters, fonts, advertisements, logos or book illustration artwork.

On the left are three examples of ornate letterpress blocks like those you see in book illustrations, newspapers or pamphlets.

Size top to bottom:
2.5" X 5/8"
2 3/8" X 1"
1" x  1 3/8"

The center and bottom blocks are solid metal. The top has a wood backing (see first photo above).

Searching for letterpress jewelry, I found the Boxcar Press.
Check out their blog, and open up a whole new world of the Letterpress! 


  1. Maywyn - these are lovely. I had never given it a thought about letter press blocks and wouldn't have even known they were still available - see how much knowledge one gains from blogging.

  2. Hello Debbie,

    Looking at the old letterpress blocks for advertisements can feel like a trip down memory lane. They are amazing.


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