03 January 2013

What to do with January

Enjoy and create art!
The fiscal cliff's slope is reduced and somewhat smoother. Instead of rope, Americans can now get descend by using a ladder. I pray the economy will improve this year. The creativity of Americans to pull up their suspenders and move on is amazing.

January is the core month of winter. The winter where cabin fever, no sun blues, snow and ice, help where is Spring! is an issue for many in this northern hemisphere. For this artist, painting winter scenes creates happiness.
In Progress acrylic landscapes of Camel's Hump Mountain
Both the acrylics (left) on canvas board are from a photograph taken along Route 7 near New Haven, Vermont last autumn. The mountain in the center is Camel's Hump Mountain. Interesting that peak is on the Vermont quarter in the background of the Maple trees. There are several views of Camel's Hump that can be seen around the art world, and Internet.

The paintings' scale and positions are tweaked. The Moon, for example, might not be in that exact place in January. However, if the photo is taken farther south, then the composition will be closer to real life. The moon is a January scene, and the bottom canvas is in autumn complete with the cows in the photograph posted on Roadside Photographs post.

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