23 January 2013

Thinking of Spring and Silver Dollar Plants

From the retired Poet Whale Studio blog one of the favorite posts is about silver dollar plants.
In these frigid temperatures, 2ºF this morning, thinking about Spring is a wonderful thought as the Winter sun pours through the window.

In the tiny garden near the deck, there's a patch of green ( bottom photo) that I know is a silver dollar plant. They love being near the building.

One plant can provide a lot of dry stems for all sorts of uses, not just a neat bouquet in a pretty pewter vase.

Once they are dry enough, gently remove the outer cover by sliding fingers back an forth until you can catch an edge and pull them off. Have a container ready to put the seeds in. The seeds grow on both sides of the silver dollar.
Silver Dollar plant leaves

Know the leaves so you don't mistake them for weeds. In the Spring, little purple flowers will spruce up the landscape.


  1. Dear Maywyn - I have grown many things but have never planted these - they are now on my list of things to grow. I am too thinking of spring.

  2. HI Debbie,

    In the Spring when I get the seeds out, I'll send you some.


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