10 January 2013

Snowperson 2013

 Meet the Snow Person of January 2013.

Each year I create a snowman using old gloves, mittens, scarves, hats, branches, rocks, and dry grasses. I then take photographs to use for art projects.
The present snow available isn't the best for rolling snow person forms. I knew today may be the last chance before the higher temperatures melts the snow, and the rain in the forecast washes it all away. I put effort into packing a good base in hope that in the future there will be a place to create another snow person. I didn't add rocks for buttons and facial features this time around.                        

Left is the Snow Woman of 2012
The snow was very sticky wet that time.
The mouth and eyebrows are thin pliable branches bent at both ends, and inserted into the snow form. The buttons are larger branches broken off and set in as buttons. The eyes I believe are bottle caps


  1. Dear Maywyn - your art even extends to your snow person. We have completely melted here and tomorrow it is to be 60 and sunny...I will enjoy because old man winter returns next week. Loved the 2012 lady too. Enjoy what is left of the snow.

  2. Hello Debbie,
    I hope the winter is being good to you. Your new barn banner photo is gorgeous, so very much an Ohio scene.

    The nicest thing about building snow people aside from the exercise and fun sculpture in the yard, is taking the photographs. Each snow person as an original model with the light and shadows, color tones, all of the correct elements to reference is such a relief to paint and draw from.


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