08 January 2013

Painting Winter

Winter scenes are a one of the landscapes this artist loves.
A favorite painter of winter scenes by contrast are the cityscapes by the New York artist, Guy C. Wiggins (1883 - 1962).
On my wall for a long time I had a magazine cut out picture of one of my favorite Wiggins' paintings. As my memory fades, I question if that painting is the blizzard on 5th avenue, looking up 55th street, at 5th and 55th or Washington Square Park. Surely, since a winter cold has been experience by this artist, I think Washington Square Park should be the first choice, but the more I look at my brain images, the more I recollect the last time I was in New York City was on a very snowy December morning. If I win the lottery, then I could bid on one of Wiggins' paintings up for auction presently (Google image search).

What is outside your winter window?


  1. Dear Maywyn this photo is lovely. Our winter scenery is changing - we are having a Jan. thaw this week and I am actually seeing a bit of grass beneath my feet when I go for my daily walk. Have a great day friend.

  2. Hi Debbie,

    I see the forecast here is also a bit of a thawing. January should be at least one month that's winter.

  3. Winterscapes are always so soothing.

  4. Hello Hena,
    Thank you for posting
    Your comment is appreciated

    I hope the winter weather is being soothing for you.


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