08 December 2012

Winter Blues News: Mugs in White & Gold

Cabin fever season in snowy climates can be brightened by revving up your surroundings with color and patterns that make you happy.  A highlight of the cold weather is getting into a warm indoors for a hot cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Each year consider a mug collection with color and patterns that help you feel comfy and  happy.
Mikasa® Palatial Gold 12 Oz. mug

For the confident fancy,  white with gold trim porcelain or bone China is a place to start a winter mug collection.

If you can't find the Mikasa® Palatial Gold 12 ounce mug, then the Pegasus mug might do. If not a mug, the go for a tea cup and saucer. Shop eBay, where I bought the mugs in the photographs here.

I began my eBay browsing with: orange stoneware mug. As search goes, I see the gold and white, my choice of dinnerware, and become side tracked. And very glad that I did veer off my original course.

Pegasus Porcelain mug

On Esty.com and eBay you can find fantastic mugs and cups. The Pegasus mug (left)  is another eBay find from the same seller. Esty.com is where you can find the larger selection of handmade stoneware, one of a kind mugs.

Blue glaze mug on esty.com

Leaf Mug

Don't stop at mugs, select a few salad or desert plates for that cheese Danish. Shop for fabric to make place mats or buy ready made place mats to create your special coffee time moment or lunch. 

Remember to take a break...do good things for yourself

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