13 December 2012

Painting from a Sketch

The original charcoal sketch from a drawing class nude study, caught my attention because pose is unusual, on one foot bending down with a hand to the front side. 

I thought I could easily go online to see a figure striking the same pose or find an anatomy website showing the  muscle structure. I can also take a photo of myself in shorts and a tee shirt with a fan on in the same pose.

The original sketch (right) is from a timed drawing session where the poses change every few seconds.

Dandelion Picker (in progress)

I chose to have the female figure picking dandelions.
Reasonable enough, I began with very little sketching before hand. Time to work on the painting again, I realize the rest between painting sessions has been too long for me to remember the plan.

I know without determining the light and shadows, this painting can't move forward well. I have to get out a fan, a short sleeve tee shirt and take pictures with the light just so. Then I have to put on a pair of shorts and learn how to use the time setting on my camera. 


  1. Dear Maywyn - I think you are doing a great job here capturing the body language - very artistic ! Have a good week my friend.

  2. Hello Debbie,
    Wishing you a comfort week-end.


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