07 December 2012

Salt and Flour Dough Ornaments

Homemade ornaments can be made from a lot of things your find around the house, yard, and kitchen cupboards.  Salt and flour dough ornaments are my favorite next to twigs (make tiny birdhouses) and felt.  In the early 1980s my sons and I made the salt flour ornaments that lasted for over twenty years before they became brittle and crumbly.

Note...they are Not Edible...as in do not eat them

1 cup salt and water to every 2 cups of flour.
Mix and roll to about ¼ inch thick
Cut out shapes adding a hole for string or a hanger
Thicker will take more time to bake
Bake in a slow pre-heated oven at 325ยบ Fahrenheit oven 2 hours or until pale brown
Completely cool before decorating and painting. Overnight is good.
Spray with a fixative outdoors

Steel or plastic outline cookie cutters don't stick like the detail cookie cutters.  Roll the dough in snake shape to make candy canes and wreaths (longer baking time).
I have added food coloring to the dough with not so great results. I prefer to paint them with acrylic paint. And,  keep them as far away from looking like a real cookie as possible. 
To store, wrap in tissue, seal them in a plastic bag, and put inside a cardboard box. 
Place the package inside a plastic container in a cool dry place.
Hole punch ribbon pieces, acrylic paint, gold paint accent

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