12 December 2012

A Personality of Choosing a Design

If it is indeed true no two snowflakes are alike, then choosing a snowflake design has to be on a so-many-to-chose from-brain explode scale somewhere between hand sewing seed beads on a wedding dress to having an afternoon power nap on a breezy villa patio.

Set yourself out to play, fiddling around with ideas, brain storm, brain drizzle, brain float (whilst you work on a brain freeze from your own personal pint of coffee ice cream). When your creative side moves forward there will be noise, and laughter (or should be). Paste, tape, rulers, pencils, graph paper will litter the table. The floor will be sprinkled with pieces of paper crumpled, cut, torn and folded. Glitter, glue, tape, paint and ink will be plastered on your sleeves, arms, hands, face and hair. You are having fun. You are an art alto volcano building a creation to fill Earth's atmosphere with wonderful oohs, ahs, and swoons of joy.   

To be original, you can make your own paper snowflakes templates. There are several websites with instructions. I tried a few, and found the Martha Stewart's How to Make Paper Snowflakes, the easiest with clear graphics.

In the final fold, I’m becoming better at cutting out paper snowflakes. Eager to use some of the linoleum block purchased a few years ago, the snowflake is too ambitious for my beginner skills in carving. Therefore, mittens is the new direction. 

How did this all begin…the silver side of the yogurt cup. I wanted to find a way to use them creatively. Choosing a design doesn’t always have to end up at your original destination.   
Paper snowflake models for selecting a design style


  1. Dear Maywyn - whatever would we do without Martha Stewart. I love to focus too about how unique each snowflake is...sounds like you are getting in the business for Christmas. Have a good day.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Christmas card creating late...
    I hope to have them finished today.


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