29 November 2012

Old Masters

The ink on paper drawing is one of my favorite from the Old European Master.
"Lion Resting" Rembrandt, 1652, source: WikiArt.org

If the old masters are European before 1800, then where does that leave artists after 1800? Where are the new masters? Are they men and women? Are they only European or are there other continents included?

As all things evolve into the next generation, the 20th and 21st Century generation of artists are as marvelous as any age past. The populated world before 1800 was smaller, easier to identify and group artists = Europe. Via that legacy trail of the white European education system streaming across the Atlantic Ocean, and spreading to the corners of the globe, the Old European Masters are able to hold a special place because they represent  the ancestry that fascinates many people. The contrast of a favorite drawing of an African lion being done by a European artist open doors to think about art in wider and more appreciative ways.

In this reality, no matter what continent good art is from, it is good art. The boundaries on land should not rule the soul's appreciation for what artists create. It is as if by tools and materials artists are one nation.


  1. Dear Maywyn - wonderful post - love the line that artists are all one nation. It certainly can be felt among us bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Debbie,

    True as well about bloggers.


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