15 November 2012

Line Waiting: How many jobs?

Waiting in line can be meditative when you relax to enjoy your surroundings. Many of my best ideas arrive in on my brain screen while I'm either waiting for toast or water to boil. If I'm waiting for a favorite television show to come on, then I fall asleep. Now how relaxing is that.

Yesterday, during a pleasant out and about relaxing wait in line I look up to see a sign hanging from the ceiling and begin to think about it...do they really need to waste money putting up a sign?...its not wasted money because it takes jobs...how many jobs does it take to put up that sign?...lemmee think...based on it is a paper product...1.logger; 2. truck transport to mill; 3.mill process; 4.transport to paper factory; 5.make paper; 6.transport paper to printer; 7.graphic designer; 8.ink maker; 9.transport ink to printer; 10.transport design to printer; 11.printing; 12.transport to customer; 13.metal mining for aluminum; 14.transport to foundry; 15.make aluminum bar; 16.transport to customer; 17.chemist to create plastic; 18. plastic maker; 19.bar and clips plastic maker; 20.transport to customer; 21.customer distributes poster with hangers.

The mechanics, accountants, and all the jobs related to their work aren't included. For example, to transport...somebody has to design, and create the trucks, planes, trains, computers, Internet,and phone system. I  estimate that the actual count of how many jobs it takes to hang that sign is closer to ten times the twenty-one jobs above.

If you think about the economy in those terms, then on down the job road, one sign hanging from a ceiling does help a lot of people survive. I'm glad to have seen it.


  1. Dear Maywyn - great thinking...gives me a different perspective when I see a sign. We all know everyone needs a job. Take care my friend...hope you are having a great day. (PS - Maywyn you may not have been receiving my emails because the noreply seems to be popping up when I email you. If you can email me your email address. Thanks

  2. Hi Debbie,
    I've seen the no reply on some blogs, but keep forgetting to write down what the page is. I don't know where in settings I can find the feature to fix it.


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