08 November 2012

Found Objects: Preparing Tin Can Lids

Safety First...Wear cut resistant gloves and safety glasses
when working with tools and sharp metal edges
Keep materials and finished can lids away from children

I recommend the 14 oz. or larger can lids because the sharp edges on smaller cans, I feel, are high risk for cutting yourself. I plan to use mine to glue together, spray paint, and make into an outdoor holiday feature, like (flat) berries or wind tinsel rope around them and add a hanger.

Cut Resistant Gloves
Safety glasses
2.5" diameter x 3" tall Hexagon Bar Steel
Long nose wire cutters (large and small)
14 ounce or larger tin can lid

With the small long nose (or large) pliers, turn all edges under towards the back of the lid
*(Updated 13 Nov. 2012...small pliers works better because hammering down the edges is easier. The size is the same.)

Hexagon Bar Steel 2.5" diameter x 3" tall
Makes a nice anvil for doing crafts and jewelry.
I bought mind at a yard sale for a small factory that closed or moved.

I also used the hex bar as a surface to brace the lid to hammer the edges under more.

Hammer down all sharp edges. There will be some sharp edges to cover with Duck tape, glue on sturdy felt or glue two lids together with welding glue or an adhesive meant for metal surfaces.

Finished can lid back
Finished tin can lid front
There are many uses for these lids as a base for a variety of ornaments or part of a sculpture armature

Update 9 January 2013: I have 20 lids folded ready for paint or whatever. I've made a list of possible uses. There is one favorite I'll be making this week to post this Saturday.
Oops. Sorry for the delay.  I'm working with using smaller tin can lids. The snowman I planned to make won't be ready until next week. I need to use enamel paint outdoors, and get a glue for metal---------------
--------UPdate 6 January 2014...there are can openers made that don't leave sharp edges! I'll be shopping for one soon.


  1. Maywyn this looks interesting - do you paint the fronts for decorations? Hope you are having fun this November day. Take care.

  2. Hi Debbie,

    After all the hammering the front and back have a lot of dings. They need to be covered with a material that will smooth them out or spray painted to mask the dents.


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