12 November 2012

Food: Applesauce & Eggs

The number one favorite morning meal of mine is a layered sandwich that I first made in the early 1960s. Cooking at an early age is a necessity when Mother works nights, and Father, a mason, works from sun up to after sun down weather permitting.

Open face or with a top toast, layer this way:
Toast buttered (or not)
Bacon slices
Eggs scrambled or your favorite
Ketchup, smooth over the top

As your concerns for your health increase, you might begin to edit condiments like butter or ketchup, and add fresh parsley. Whatever combinations you chose, the applesauce not only adds sweetness to the beginning of the day, it adds variety.
Make your own applesauce or sauté the apples with the onions for an apple and egg omelet. Want a real change? Mix your favorite barbeque sauce with applesauce instead of ketchup.

Quick and Easy Apple & Eggs

Cook your favorite omelet
Place is on a bed of applesauce


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