03 November 2012

Drawing Notes

Drawing from imagination to me is fancy doodling, wearing long gloves with the gown.
On my quest to understand more about Joan Miró I decide to create a drawing from imagination before I read the books I recently bought about Miró.
 I recognize:
My imagination drawing style is tight, lots of lines that overall develop relationships as opposed to having an established connection (other than my brain) before appearing on paper.
I like eyes because give me the feeling the drawing isn't alone.
Depth is a problem. Perspective also has issues.

For this drawing, I name "Dear Ethel" for no particular reason, I began with a flat drawing of the ink bottle I use. I keep going despite feeling, heavily, its tear it up time, and start over. The more I think about Miró, how he felt when he was drawing, the more lines I commit to paper. But, I feel Miró's work has more space, is lighter, airier. Then why add instead of subtract? To not be like him. Ah, self-discovery.

I begin to stop criticizing myself so harshly, and remember this is a free hand exercise for self discovery. It will all come out better in the wash.

Not quite. The drawing didn't say much to me except to repeat similar colors, shapes and lines that is me. The focus thought of green sky and blue trees doesn't show up as a focus. The ink bottle is a flat-ish big-deal-so-what ink bottle.

I darken colors, add more definition, and stop because the drawing now makes sense to me.

Dear Ethel, 14" x 7.5" watercolor & ink drawing



  1. Yes, it is nice, and it has a strange and interesting- almost fantastical -atmosphere. You pulled it altogether really well.

  2. Thank-you Jenny

    I learned reading about Miró yesterday that in Spain eyes are on painted on the boats to ward off evil spirits.

    Mine being on a shoe feels appropriate to this shoe lover.

  3. I love doodles Maywyn and this one looks great. Perhaps doodles don't have to make sense they can just be fun. I too find myself doodling eyes when I just draw without thought. What is it about the eye!!

  4. Yes, the eye does have a mind of its own sometimes. I think it pours out some of the subconscious like a kid at recess on the playground.


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