13 November 2012

Blue Jay, Hedgerow and Poetry

The afternoon sunlight in the hedgerow has a marvelous grit about it the way the light is enhanced by the golden yellow maple leaves. I've been inspired by the scene to write a poem that isn't by my usual process of write with little editing. This poem is going to take time because I'm exploring why the light and colors are so moving. Choosing how to describe the yellow tones has to be through experience comparisons because  adjectives don't explain what can be seen in that afternoon sun. I need the word finder book for this one.

Yet unable to leg go
of summer green worn, winded,
but storage strong hanging on
for a November afternoon sunlight


  1. Dear Maywyn - lovely poem and great pictures of the bluejay. You caught him so well (or her-I can never tell). Took some time to catch up on your other posts. Applesauce and eggs looks pretty interesting. Have a great week my friend.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    A great week to you as well

    Thee blue jays will fly close to the patio window before swooping up to land near the roof gutter when there's no nuts out there. I expect they are digging for bugs. lol


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