25 October 2012

Old Ohio Farmhouse

Early in the 1980s, I rode around the country side taking pictures to use as reference for paintings. A friend showed me this old farmhouse on a narrow dirt road in Coshocton County. She told me the word is it's haunted. We took pictures, noting the red graffiti on the interior walls. The old farmhouse is on a dirt road. Across the street was a tall medium size magnificent barn with ornate trim. I say was because I don't think after thirty plus years there's much left, if anything at all the way old buildings are being striped for recycle yards.
Old Farmhouse with added contrast

Old Ohio Farmhouse 1980
I painted a watercolor of the house from the right angle view (sold). I'd like to do another from this angle with the barn. I added contrast and adjusted colors to create an eerier picture. It would be a fitting subject for a cloudy October afternoon. Painting watercolors of old abandoned houses and barns back then was on my to-paint list. Good idea then, good idea today.


  1. Dear Maywyn - Sorry I don't get to see your watercolor of this house...glad it was sold though. Coshocton county is only a couple of counties away from us. Roscoe Village is a lovely place to visit and I think you said you had been there. Hope the tropical Sandy leaves you along - I will be looking up for you!! Take care and God Bless.

  2. Hello Debbie,
    Thank you for the good thoughts
    After hurricane Irene, every time I hear a weather report one might touch the area I get nervous. Looks like hurricane Sandy might drop a bit of rain on New England.

  3. Maywyn - lovely barn photo...you should paint it again!
    thanks for the comment you left on my blog - couldn't email you with reply since you had "no reply" as your email...but in response to your question about my silverware collages...I finish off the flat surface with two coats of paste wax before I attached the silverware - then its sealed and waterproof
    stay dry!
    amy of four corners design

  4. Hello Amy,

    Your collages are spectacular!Thank you for the information on your process.

    Thanks also for the info on my email setting. I wasn't aware. Will change it now.


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