07 October 2012

October: Out & About-ness

Baby boomers of WWII may notice that  through the decades holiday seasons have spread like urban sprawl. Is it greed gaining power over our lives or our need to feel comfort?

Where once the norm in stores Christmas decorations go up after Thanksgiving, it isn't uncommon now to see them in September. In some cases, the holiday season extension is joy, fun, much welcomed and anticipated.
 One of those joys is October. You don't have to wait until Halloween to have a party. There can be harvest shindigs all month long. Scarecrows line the roads, (thank you Shelburne, Vermont for the funny scare last night), pumpkins are in place, and the dry cornstalks hug lampposts. In many communities there are haunted forests and/or houses to visit as well as volunteer for. Most local newspapers, radio and television stations carry calendars of local events.

Here in Vermont, the Haunted Forest, in Williston has been very popular for many years. Vermont Living Magazine has a schedule of activities to chose from. If your area doesn't have established events, then consider developing one with friends in your community. Consult the local historian for ideas. The theme doesn't have to focus on Halloween. Harvest time is full of possibilities.

For Art...October in four season climates (that I'm familiar with), the colors in Nature can be mind boggling. Shadows have stronger personalities. Fog...gracious the mystery of a misty October morning can be high inspiration.
Chose your favorite artist for the month to study. The Hudson River School is one place to start. I call the Autumn skies, Eric Sloane skies. This Jasper Cropsey painting below glows upright with an Autumn soul.
Autumn on the Hudson River, 1860, Jasper Francis Cropsey

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  1. Dear Maywyn this is a lovely painting. It is always so wonderful to see the old masters and their gorgeous works. I may have seen this painting before but did not recall the name Jasper Cropsey. Will have to go find him and see some of his other art. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  2. Thank you for the comments, Debbie

    I have a book on the Hudson River School I'll be reading and posting about later in the week. Gorgeous paintings


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