24 October 2012

Gray Fox in Watercolor

Watching a gray fox hunting for food isn't the ideal activity I prefer to view, but there he (or she) was back and forth, here and there one early day in a large field near the woods. I thought...I will add him to my Autumn watercolors. 
10" x 8.5" watercolor in progress
In the foreground, heading right just there in front of that fuzzy spot, is where the fox will be. Before that happens, I have to sketch and paint him on separate paper because I'm not familiar with gray fox anatomy. I didn't remember him until the after the watercolor was well on the way to being finished.

According the the Wikipedia entry, the gray fox can climb trees. 

Gray Fox

Corn field reference photograph

Fortunately my camera was handy when the fox was in that field

Being early in the day, I wasn't concerned with it's behavior, but I did take a good notice of it.
The geometry of the field I used a photo of as reference will also be the model for an acrylic abstract. In the watercolor, I have to adjust the perspective, not make the hill on the right so high in order for the fox to have room to be seen.  


  1. Hi Maywyn, I've never seen a grey fox. We seem to have red ones here or ratty red ones. Yours will be lovely in your painting. Can't wait to see it. love to you,Diana

  2. Hello Diana,
    Thank you for stopping by

    At first I thought it was a coy dog.
    I forgot the fox is also gray.

  3. Dear Maywyn - we have some grey foxes as well as red here. Very rare to see them in the daytime because they are so nocturnal. Lovely watercolor - the fox will be a great addition. XO Debbie

  4. Hi Debbie,

    There was a parenting pair of gray foxes close by last year. I'm glad they didn't return because we are too far into town for them to be roaming around.


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