25 September 2012

Leaf Peeping Season

I didn't know what a leaf peeper is until I moved to Vermont. This foliage season I'm excited about. Here in the lower elevations trees are barely tipping below the green. There's a maple tree on Main Street in Vergennes that turns before the others in the area. In Vermont you can be in all green, and within an hour or less the foliage will be at peak. Don't miss seeing the Adirondacks across Lake Champlain or taking a tour in Upstate New York as well as the Green Mountains in Vermont.
One of my favorite drives from Vergennes on Route 22 south, right onto Route 17 passing Dead Creek Wildlife Management area to the Lake Champlain Bridge to New York, south to Ticonderoga on Route 9; stop at the McDonald's for breakfast at the intersection of  County Route74, up Lead Hill on Route 74 to Schroon Lake, and back to Vermont the same way.
If you plan a trip in the area, then check out this PBS video, Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area PBS video. The best viewing of Snow Geese is late September to Early October. It depends on when they arrive. As of this date, 25 September, I haven't heard geese flying over (doesn't mean the geese haven't slipped by unnoticed).

Check maps to find the best leaf peeping as the weeks pass
Vermont.com has updates as do local television stations

In Vermont, all the roads in the Autumn are my favorite. Taking Interstate 89 south is mid boggling during peak season. A side trip up to  Stowe on Route 100 is grand. Hiking in Central Vermont...a local favorite is Route 17 up to Lincoln Gap or have a picnic along the cold running New Haven River. The Mad River Valley is breath taking in the Autumn.

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