01 May 2012

Thoughts: Abstract vs Realism

Abstract versus realism, the field between those two sides is vast. What they both share is something you can recognize, latch onto as being familiar, possible in the physical world as you know and perceive it to be.
Acrylic abstract, 16" x 20"
In this painting, I feel the color carries the image. I see this as an is and an isn't... not sturdy enough to be a figure or not be a figure. The in between sends the imagination to a place that isn't as confined as realism. I feel that adds power to the viewer's experience.
Is art about giving power?
In some ways, yes. When you share as much a part of you as what an artist shares, then you are in your work sharing a portion power. That part of you is out there, like whip cream on a ice cream sundae.
Does that power have control? It sure does because if the audience raves, then the artist might paint more of the same, and vice versa.
As for this artist, and this painting, the new canvas will become larger because I painted over this one months ago when I didn't realize it had become one of my favorite.

Update, 9 January 2017
The finished painting

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