03 May 2012

Moving up, Heading out a Herd of Dreams

I feel and hear in my spirit mind the theme song to the 1960s television western, Rawhide with Eric Fleming (1925-1966), and Clint Eastwood, every time I make changes, move on, head out of the old into the new with my herd of dreams.

Moving up may be ambitious, but it is also positive and hopeful. I'm satisfied and comfortable with the Poet Whale and Maywyn Studio names. Although Poet Whale will eventually be retired, it will always be there to start back up again.

What does it take to make change decisions? Tied for number one is a Need and a Dream.
Need can be a great motivator, incentive to go forward with business plans. A dream opens possibilities, and helps cushion the rough road to building a business. When potholes rattle the Earth, looking toward the dream might help the road feel softer. Schedule staring out the window time. Make it part of the important things you do like getting up every few hours from your chair to walk around, stretch, breath deep.

Whatever your ride feels like, try to enjoy the simple things along the way.
For example, today I ordered mailing tubes from Uline.com at a great price with very reasonable shipping costs. The excitement over ordering something so simple is unreal. I feel like it's pizza month (pizza every other month, diet thing).
After researching how to ship artwork, I was depressed. The costs can be quiet high for a stretched canvas box, (to prevent torn canvas damage). I research to see what other artists roll a canvas or watercolor to ship in a tube. No mat, no stretchers, no frame, Plexiglas or rigid expensive box costs to pass on to the customer. I can keep my prices low and reasonable by shipping in mailing tubes, a safe and easy way to go. I plan to add a wooden dowel to the center of the tube to help prevent it from becoming bent. Where I will find the room to store the box mailing tubes...now that will be fun.

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