20 September 2017

Found Objects: Metal Sculpture

Untitled Steel, 2003
Untitled Steel, 2003, 4 feet by 11.75 inches
Steel and copper found objects, gold painted wood shelf holding a lump of coal (from my Da's coal pile), and metal wheel on copper wire. Course work for introduction to sculpture, University of Vermont.

It amazes me that my sculpture is 14 years old! I found the photo in folder when looking for pictures to paint from.
I knew nothing about working with steel when I bought the steel scrap piece at Queen City Steel, Burlington, Vermont.  Putting the sculpture together was a fun learning experience. How to texture the surface, and making holes to secure it to a wood strip for the hanging hooks were the most challenging and enjoyable parts. Texturing the surface of steel isn't a situation for the freedom of ...Oh, let me try this to see how it looks.

18 September 2017

Need Grease?

A hard boiled egg, small chunk of cheddar cheese and a small glass of pineapple juice is today's brunch. During the evening news or sooner, I will have a large salad and fish. Night...the munchies take hold. Hot green tea or an orange. I know I will still be thinking of egg salad sandwiches and chocolate milk that the morning hard boiled egg inspired.
In grade school my mother made a sandwich with canned devil ham mixed with hard boiled eggs. Wrapped in wax paper and placed in a brown paper bag left in a coat room for a few hours...its a miracle my lunch didn't go bad. Today, food is smothered in plastic to preserve it. Something to think about.

As an adult, I found out a favorite sandwich, bought at Bingo Night, is made with Spam and sweet pickle relish. Then there's the Thanksgiving sandwich of leftover dressing mixed with cranberry sauce. And, there's the greasy fried onion sandwich! Supreme of all supreme greasy sandwiches.
It is wonderful to have a good diet, eat healthy. Yet, there are the rare times when I feel I need greasy food. By greasy I don't mean deep fried. I mean baked or fried in a black iron fry pan. If I, a big cake person, has a choice between greasy ribs and cake...ribs win. There is something about a five napkin greasy meal that's soul spiritually better than a great frosted cake.
What say you?
Cake or greasy food

17 September 2017

Organizing: Photos to Paint Storage

A plastic page cover style album works perfectly for storing photos printed on  regular paper. A new printer, that doesn't use up ink so fast, makes it possible for me to print out pictures on regular paper, store, and easily remove to tape to an easel, study or  sketch.

The album storage also saves time going through folders looking for the folder Pix to Paint From. Creating a composition from several pictures is much easier flipping through pages than it is clicking in and out of folders on a laptop. I save ink by printing only the best examples of the images to paint from, and using the draft quality.

 Use the type of album that doesn't have a sticky back on the page in order to remove the photos easily.

There are also plastic sleeves that you can buy for individual pages to create a leaf style album.

What is it about spiders?

Seriously, is there a study about how spiders communicate with people?
There's a house spider that has developed a fascination with my dinning table.
The other day as I was clearing off things, there's the spider. I brush it off. There's the spider. After a few more brush offs, there's the spider jumping across the table at me. "Hey! I'm friendly jumping spider!"
So What!
I brush it off again and give up. It could be the projects offer the spider a playground because four days later, after I place the things back on the table, there it is again doing the peek-a-boo running in and out of the frames. There are no bugs on the frames or anywhere else for that little carnivore. It will take massive amounts of therapy if I feel compelled to fill a jar lid with bugs to feed it.*

Anyway, instead of a fall wreath this year, the project is to make a window using 8" x 10" frames to decorate.

I think it appropriate to add a faux spider to the apples, leaves and vines.

*That's a joke.

16 September 2017

Desk Chit Chat: On a Foggy Morning

The first computer course, the first rule I heard is to Never have liquids near the keyboard. At estate sale many years ago, I bought a deep metal serving tray with handles. (Update 9/18/2017...Not sure metal is the best material near the computer...switching to a plastic tray instead.) Placing it away to the side of the laptop, I lift the cup off to the left over the floor to take a sip. Sometimes it drips on the way to the tray, but never on the keyboard. I highly recommend such a tray with deep sides.  Think no crackers or sandwich under the junk mail.

This foggy morning tells me to bring out the bag of faux autumn decorations. Not wanting to miss a moment of fall inspiration, I try to capture a spider web with a tiny spider at the center. It is a beautiful well made spider web hung between shrub branches. The spider is so tiny and the web so fine, all the camera got is a teeny thread and gray blur. A side note, bare feet can get use cold concrete when the air temperature is in the lower 70ºF (21C).

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