21 November 2017

And they're off!

The first snow of the season has fallen.
The last leaves are almost on the ground.
Today there is a warm up before another cold front moves in.
New camera...can't be return because most of the packing stuff is missing.
I will have to learn the settings. So far, I'm happier with it (see below).
Holiday shopping is revving up!
The Internet will slow down a bit as shoppers line up for bargains.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hammered aluminum pitcher

10 November 2017

Desk Chit Chat: Snow Geese at Dead Creek

The late afternoon sun was spectacular yesterday today long shadows, golden glowing everywhere. One step out of the car to take photographs encourages one step back in the warm interior of my vehicle. Chilly. Windy. Tissue time. Forgot my reading glasses. Didn't have a battery charger. New barely used camera ran out of battery power. Bonus...landscape colors. They make the excursion worth the cold wind. Puddles already have a thin layer of ice on them at sunset.

I need to read the instructions because zoom didn't zoom all that well. And when it did, everything is blurred.

The snow geese flock at Dead Creek is rather large. I'm guessing they will be taking flight soon. This afternoon they were up and around quite a lot. To me, that indicates maybe they are sorting out flight arrangements.

Removing the wires and extending the top and bottom will make for a nice landscape painting. Oh, and composing a nice snow geese flock flying above it all.

Oops. Post date and time for Saturday, but I forgot and it posted today.

08 November 2017

Field Puddles

Field Puddles
As a kid, my appreciation for field puddles was great, as they provide ice in the winter to skate on with little fear of falling through the inches of water underneath (if it isn't frozen solid). The wind and weeds make for tough navigation along the rough edges, but  welcome for a quick stop before I hit the frozen dirt beyond. Today, seeing field puddles warms my heart.

The problem with field puddles is the evaporation before the ice becomes thick enough to hold. The thinner the space between water level and mud, the better. Skates are optional. I slid on the ice with my boots on, and at times managed a semi twirl before I fell. I think, in my old age, if I ever find myself walking in a field with a frozen puddle, I might try to quick run and slide...scrunched down like a bundle of wool gliding across a memory.

06 November 2017

Reflection Monday November 2017

The wind moving through the dry cornfields 
making autumn music, happens once a year
in a small window of time.
A soothing chatter sound
in the symphony of Nature.
Year long the wind through the pine trees
heard on all windy days,
is consistently fresh as if the wind begins 

04 November 2017

Desk Chit Chat: Branches to Artists

Once upon a time, a blog based on branches was in the works, during one of those afternoon brainstorming highlights/upward mood swings. The name of the blog escapes me at the moment. Alas, that idea faded fast into the notes in a folder on a shelf, and the start up blog is deleted. In the fall, branches in November especially bring me back to their melancholy and joyful spirit. Above, the branches are my favorite leaning oak trees along Route 17, Addison, Vermont. The photograph is one I will use in a painting.
Branches remind me of  Katherine Thomas' magical artwork. Autumn skies remind me of Eric Sloane. In The winter, favorite landscapes changes to a few artist with Guy Wiggins, as number one.

Do the seasons remind you of  special artists?