01 October 2022

Hello October 2022

Pumpkin on a Bookshelf

 Wishing All Y'all 
a Safe and Wonderful 31!

Autumn roasted pumpkins are a fall treat. Thus largest will be the soup pumpkins. Smaller pie pumpkins will be for dinners, sandwiches and cheesecake. I like mashed vegetables as a sandwich base.
The Pumpkin Hunt pumpkins are waiting in a frosty field. 

30 September 2022

Bye September, It's Been Interesting!

As the way life goes,
the morning I just so happen to see my doctor, the booster shot injection site is not sore, pinkish or swollen, like it never was. It's a miracle!

Farewell to September, thanks for starting off the fall season
No thanks for hurricane Ian

Pray for those in Ian's path
Donate to the Red Cross
Ponder the meaning of harvest
Review your health
Next week...make appointments
Read what  a recession means
Check out your city planning
Bake a robust apple crisp
Buy Vanilla Bean ice cream
Heap ice cream on hot apple crisp
Browse online quilted zip front vests with pockets
Visit a thrift store

Stage 2 Paper Mache Pumpkin

Stage 1: The armature/base is a ball of paper, tape and cotton string. The first paper layer is wall paste adhesive, (to use it up). The rest of the paper will be applied with white PVC glue. 
The stem is a tree branch piece that will be covered in paper as well.

Stage 2: Today is drying day 2. The paper is still damp in places. In the future, I will not add a layer of absorbant cotton string. Each layer, 3 to 4 pieces of glued paper, must be thoroughly dry before the next application.

The last layers will be applied in strips to form a real pumpkin shape.  Estimated completed time: 
October 10-15

Better to start early, than late with paper mache

Update: Day 3, feels light as a feather, no surface dampness or soft areas. Next layer begins the shaping.

29 September 2022

Cameras, Boosters & Books

Are there days when fiddling with a phone photo editing program is tops for your most thrilling experience?

A cell phone camera is nice. It doesn't, however,  always zoom well.  There is no program I know of that can turn a blur image sharp as real life. 
Autumn is an important photography season. Having a camera(s) sorted, for that single tree by a dumpster or a glorious maple in the middle of the woods, can make fall even better. 

Pzfier bivalent booster shot
Monday painless injection 
Day 3, injection site
is sore, pinkish and swollen.
I feel fine, no sickness and such.
Keep your shots up to date

Ebooks pretty much squished, I feel, 20th Century old book collecting (except for first editions and such). Upcycling titles of minimal value into journals, art objects, furniture or lamps appear to be ways to keep them out of the recycle bin.  If all else fails, after researching value, then into the bin they go, especially books in very poor condition. I remove plates, illustrations and maps noting the book they were published in.

Interesting point: 
Printing ink can contain lead.
~ Giving old books to young children could be hazadous. Check with publisher.
~ I will wear a mask and gloves when crafting with old books.

Ex Library Discards

28 September 2022

Right Place, Right Time

A Late September Sunset 2022

Looking out the window at sunset, I see a lone long cloud lit up like a shop light hanging over a work bench.  Assigning it to a reclining puppy sniffing a butterfly is a better image than seeing an insect.

No other clouds were in a position to catch the last rays of sunshine like that cloud did.  

Another overcast day with rain here and there for this area of Vermont. In  a couple of weeks, I anticipate a stretch of warmer temperatures. gorgeous foliage, walks out the door,  and a peak fall scent in the air. 
I will have pumpkin pictures from farmstand to table. One of which will be, a first ever in my life from scratch...pumpkin cheesecake! I also might try to make a pumpkin ketchup.

After all, a person does needs goals.

Do you have any autumn themed goals to share?