17 February 2020

Art for Two

Drifting  away from blogging during busy days in winter can refresh the blogger as well as the blog.
Struggling for a steady brush I can depend on fills my week. I think many artists, like myself, are overly critical of their work. A solution is to take personal time with your art, just the two of you.

13 February 2020

Photography: A Dry Icy Marigold

In the winter, the way snow and ice fall and form on plants can be as beautiful as when they were thriving under the summer sun. The icy marigold has a new day.

A must see photograph is by by Sam Rowley, Station Squabble. The photo is mesmerizing. It adds a new dimension to what reality is.

For more stunning photographs, visit the website Natural History, London,  Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Stunning photographs are mood lifting spirit smiling  soul saturating joy to view.

Many of us strive to be better photographers. A teaching tool is looking at good photographs.

09 February 2020

Ads, Better or Worse on the Internet?

Ya don't say!?
Good points about hard copy books  and newspapers are:
When you turn the page and begin reading, nothing in there will turn the page but you, start talking, singing, play music, make the book jump out of place, follow you around the house or suggest products to buy because you read about leaves falling in autumn on page thirty-seven, and again on page 101, and again at the end where he does return to her with the lost house plant. I'm guessing, the majority of people who are Internet users, can't tell a psychiatrist they've never heard voices that seem to come from nowhere. No, it can't be that...I shut off auto-play. No, I opted out. How do they know!?

It feels futile to hope some day ads won't find a sneaky way to show up. Websites Earn Money from advertising. Putting up with ads is our way of saying thank you for the website not charging us to visit, and taking the time to keep the public informed. That's the better part.

The worse part is the intrusive ways ads go about making sure they are viewed, as in score click for the website. For example, reading a blog that has advertising where the ad mimics the photographs posted on the blog. It feels like stumble reading. Another is the tracking ads, where you opt out. The opt works. However, there's another website that is involved in the tracking, and that one may not have an opt out feature. Wishing you never visited the website is reinforced every time you see one of their ads; and surely, you will never visit the website again or buy their products.

I grew up in a place and time where billboards were a part of the scenery, comfort zones, a thread that binds us along our travels. In Vermont, billboards, are illegal. I don't miss billboards. Trees are beautiful. Now if I was enjoying the beauty of New York City at Times Square, I would miss those big signs.

Photography: Winter Ice

My photography skill...I see, take a photo, and hope it turns our as well as what I see in person. Ice is a subject most difficult for me. The picture on the left is edited to capture a hint of the beauty of sun shinning through icy tree branches. The only one out of many pictures, I search the Internet to learn how to take better photos of ice in winter.

It will take hours of YouTube videos, and there are a lot of what appear to be helpful ones on the subject of winter ice.

This website has interesting and easy to follow instructions, and YouTube videos:

Macro Photography: How to Photograph Frost and Ice, at Nature TTL

Since about 2003, I've been photographing the world around me as my interest focus is the beauty of the natural world, landscapes, the Moon, flora and fauna.  At first my camera is a service pet, helping me get out and about dealing with acute anxiety. Today I am able to leave the camera at home, (especially on days when I want the camera with me).
Some of my rules...If I see an interesting picture where there are individual people, then I ask first. If vehicles are going by, then I wait until they pass if possible. Always use bug repellent during warm weather, especially at night. Check the weather when the Moon is full. And, don't walk backwards without looking when taking photos of the sky.

Interesting article on Shutterstock.com on photography etiquette:

6 Photographers on Camera Etiquette Around the World