18 June 2018

No Separation

20 June Update
It will takes days, but no family separations will temporarily end by Executive order.
A step in the right direction.

Separating immigrant children from their immigrant parents at the U.S. border is child abuse.
This is a shameful event in America's history.
If you have ever felt that fright, panic, emotional pain of being separated from your parents as a child, then you know your tears will never go away. You will always remember that disconnect, being scared day after day. It is sheer heartbreak to feel forced to give up a child.
My Prayers to the children and their parents

14 June 2018

From Paper to Canvas, An Abstract Painting

Ink & watercolor abstract, 12 inches by 14 inches on paper.
Drawn years ago, the color was added just this week. It is a study for a larger canvas using acrylic. For this style of art, many coats of gesso are needed to bring out the paper surface quality.

The pollen counts have been high. This week has been horrid for my allergies. Added to another source of stress, there's been many hours of sofa time. Sounds like a song title.

07 June 2018

My Blog Break & Slow Down

At the Seaside, c. 1892, William Merritt Chase

A favorite American impressionist, William Merritt Chase
I post a painting of his each summer. This summer my focus will be beach, water, people.

The blog break this year has been interesting, dropping light bulbs along the way.
- I realize being off line either increases awareness of glitches or decreases my tolerance for glitches.
- During the middle of the month, I have time to do other things. Presently, winter and summer clothes are between half way stored and half way unpacked.
- The book triptych is almost finished.
- Bonus! A box of my best sandals, that I thought I had donated by mistake last year, has been found!
I mistook the box for Christmas ornaments.
- Design and food websites have become less important to me. I have no clue why.
- Bird nest cams are no longer fun. Too many young ones don't make it. I'm totally blech on barn owls after a season of watching the owlets kill and eat each other. And, the death of the last condor broke my heart.
- Google is so commercialized, searches can be frustrating. I found a website that's barely active. Yet, Google places is 2nd from the top because, I believe, it is for a known business owned by a very well known popular company. Folks that have active Internet websites should be there instead. They put the work in.
- After cleaning out a closet, I know why kids were so happy when I cleaned out their toy box. Its like finding new stuff I forgot I had.
- The largest miss of not being online...The ability to search 24/7 without setting up the system, takes time to fade.

06 June 2018


Rock Rose
There are metaphor fads that peak and fade. One that I hear more often references the story, "Alice in Wonderland,"  Down the rabbit hole. Instead of explaining what happens next, the person or the situation is down the rabbit hole, as if all went downhill  into a bad place, fell apart.

Shortening our conversations, I feel, is morphing our language into a mold to fit our electronic communicating. Hw r u? might someday become HRU as a greeting. In person, we might bellow the sound from our bellies. Our Chi (chee energy force) will strengthen. There will be all sorts of gadgets to increase our Chi, books about Chi, and maybe a movie.

All for the love of the metaphor.
There is a Metaphor Festival Amsterdam 2018!
Do you have a favorite metaphor?

05 June 2018

A Blogger Self-Interview

About the blogger me...

Q: You've been blogging for 10 years now. How has it been?
A: Like coffee in the morning. First steamy sip opens the brain. After that you might have cereal between sips or eggs and toast. Then you become distracted. With half a cup to go, you get the cold gulp. Do you reheat, toss it out and move on, pour another cup or have green tea? Blog years are similar.

Q: What about your own website? You've posted about that for years.
A: My own website is still on the will do maybe someday list.
Q: What is holding you back?
A: Mainly, having the energy to be consistent. Depression doesn't  let me know when I will have the energy and when I won't. Personal blog behavior fits my life style because it includes taking breaks, changing style, names, templates, and such. I believe we expect blogs that are similar to a business, like a website is, to have less change, unless change is in the website's personality. 

Q: What are the blogging highlights for you?
A: Cyber meeting wonderful people via comments. And, when asked what I do, I can say I'm a blogger. It feels and sounds better than an old retired lady.

Q: Do you find difficulties in blogging?
A: I have rules to go by. I post about glitches, but no longer (I hope) rants. It can take real effort not to negative vent on a blog.
The most difficult is managing the blog brain, where every waking moment there's a voice judging the world by a blog value factor. For example, window shopping...What angle will those sandals look best for a blog photo? Eating out, taking photos of the food before you pick up a fork.

Q: Rules? What are some of your rules for blogging?
A: Be considerate of others; only post about people over 18 with their permission; don't post about family or friends without their permission; use common sense; no negative vents; never insult a reader; delete rude comments; keep posts as short as possible; and never ever in my life time post a video or audio of me singing.

Q: What do you see for the future of blogging?
A: Slowly I began to notice blogs I read moving to Facebook, Pinterest, and/or Instagram. I feel blogging won't fade, but by virtue of the style, it won't capture the audience that Instagram has. When businesses, new media, etc., arrive on the blogging scene in numbers, the levels of blogging feel to me to have transformed from higher to lower levels to bottom and top levels.  

Q: What changes would you like to see on Blogger?
A: Archive inactive blogs, adding an alphabetical, subject and location index feature. It might free up space for active bloggers as well enhance the Blogger experience. Finding a neat blog to read that hasn't posted in over five years is a drag.
Add a no copy text and photos without permission feature. There is code to use, but that encourages my brain to feel confused.

Q: Will you continue to blog or move to a website that others can post and manage?
A: Ideally, a website, and other authors who take over when I'm not available. I'm elderly, as in the last years/part of life, bucket listing, clearing out stuff, queuing up to eat dirt or fly into the wind. I rather like the thought of my blog continuing.

Q: One piece of advice to folk thinking about blogging?
A: Buy your domain name! Don't build up your blog title without owning the domain name, on your own with no sharing with the blog host, and make sure nobody is already using the name.

Q: Has this been fun?
A: I think it has been fun. Thank you