29 April 2017

Desk Chit Chat

New feature this Desk Chit Chat,
filling the space where Internet travel meets discovery, learn something new, oh look at that! experiences. Postings on Saturday.
The photograph is a vignette of my desk edited. I didn't want my reflection in the small copper bowl (made by Coppercraft Guild, Taunton,, Massachusettes).

This week I got to thinking about posting responsibilities. It is very important to think clearly about what to post about. There are times when I will delete an entire post. Thus, scheduling to give it time to set is a good idea.

Years ago there were a lot of personal blogs giving information I feel isn't safe. Things change. Nowadays when I browse blogs, I often find several that ended with no notice or a short good bye. I see fewer personal blogs. From art and design, I gravitate towards fun blogs about crafts, pets, and such. Searching for old blogs can be fun when I remember the titles. I miss the Catladders on Blogspot (now gone), and always to this day I miss the lovely blog about painted furniture from the Pacific Northwest coast that I forget the name of. Revisiting the blog, Cote de Texas is always a treat. Alice Rimpo is an artist that now has her own website. I still post on the blog, A Botanical Brain.

The break I took in April I believe is the longest time I've been away from blogging. Tough times. The change in no cable is tough as well. I added speed to the Internet only. Only the speed on browsers doesn't look any faster. Maybe the difference will show up when I watch (stream?) a movie online this week-end. I'm still leaning towards cell phone only using ear phones. Neither of my cell phones have good sound when I hold my hand over the receiver thing. I'm calling it the time of curvy learning.

Have an adventurous week-end!

28 April 2017

Timers, Patterns and Trees

 A cute kitchen timer old style alarm clock with the bell on top is a favorite for its charm and nostalgia. When it doesn't work, it is time to let it go. I know the difference between crispy and dark brown/what ten minutes looks like twenty minute later. Way back when, it might have been possible to bring it to the clock shop for repair. In April 2017, it will be saved for a found object art piece.

 My lunch of frozen potato coated fish and steamed fresh spinach with blue cheese dressing (instead of ketchup or tarter sauce), are grateful.

The thrift store find plate is by Alfred Meakin, England. I have yet to learn the pattern name after searching the Replacements.com website. I did, however, find several patterns I like as well.

Happy Arbor Day!

I thought to post philosophical about my favorite trees. Then lunch happens, and the timer sorrow. I'm looking towards a cute timer next, spruce up the kitchen thing. I'm was wavering between the owl and the frosted cupcake ones when I become distracted with the search after seeing a vanilla cone with chocolate sauce timer. During that search, I find three other timers by Bengt EK Design. Alas, the ones I like aren't there.
Who knew it would be so difficult to find a neat kitchen timer.
Woe is me.
I find the ice cream cone with chocolate sauce.
Its out of stock!
I find a cake timer photo on Pinterest. (Most without shopping information)
Its a real cake.

Plein Air Painting Places

Crown Point Historic Site, Upstate New York & Lake Champlain

The largest park area closest to where I live is Crown Point Historic Site in Upstate New York along the shores of Lake Champlain.
I see the tree, but not the branch. Like a teacher's wooden pointer, it pierces the scene. There are photo editing programs that will remove the branch. For now, its a marker of one landscape to paint.

Champlain Memorial Lighthouse, Crown Point Campground

The Champlain Memorial Lighthouse is in the Crown Point Campground. The photo is taken from the Visitor's Center. The area is perfect for a camping and plein air painting excursion. Middlebury, Vermont is 16.8 miles away according to Google map directions.

26 April 2017

Richter Scale Day

Richter Scale  developed in the 1930s

Reading the Wikipedia article can be either fascinating or not. Not everyone feels the joy of measurement devices. I feel they have an ancient like allure, Steampunk pluck, a treasure (to be able to collect), and discovery chic. Alas, I have no room for a Seismograph.
On the left column is a link to the USGS Earthquake Maps' page. Geology is one of my interests, and the Richter scale is tops in that regard along with the telescope.
Plume Moth

Life can feel as if it is on a Richter scale measurement. Little things go ten times what they were on other days, years, and ages.

For your celebration happiness...a close up of the Plume Moth.

Plume Moth

All I hear is seventy degrees Fahrenheit, and my brain says be outdoors.* The low dark clouds and damp looks like rain weather doesn't scare me off from taking pictures. This time of year seasonal allergies aren't much of a bother for me until the trees bud, like they are beginning to here now. A room air filter helps. What helps raise my spirits are pansies, outdoors in the chilly air. Taking pictures of the one or two plants is a yearly event.
Plume Moth Among the Pansies

This year as I prepare to take the photos, I see a bit of dry grass in the way. Oops. It moves. Aha, a thin winged Plume Moth.

There are different types you can see on Pterophoridae Wikipedia.

* The 70ºF  temperature is forecast for tomorrow. Today is rain.