19 August 2017

Desk Chit Chat: Looking Back to Go Forward

Autumn Mountains, 17.75" x 18", Canvas glued onto plywood

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Recently a visitor read this blog post from 9 August 2014.
Gluing Canvas Onto Plywood
The painting (part memory, part photo of Adirondack Mountains) on that canvas is doing well, no shrinkage or separation of note.

Speaking of no glue separation...
Being creative can be a release, a chance to relax and filter the turmoil in the world. Prayer while painting helps ease the heartache. And lately, prayer is a near a constant companion, a voice of reason. It feels very strange to me that tragic events are turned into being all about what one man says, when he says it or doesn't say it. Instead, I am thinking about Gandhi, Doctor Martin Luther King, nonviolence, and prayer. I believe there are a majority of Americans that believe in nonviolent protesting. 


15 August 2017

A Watercolor Sketch on a Windy Day

Along Lake Champlain, Crown Point Historic Area
On a windy day, by the shores of Lake Champlain I had coffee and a strawberry cheese Danish. Several photos and short videos later, I did a watercolor sketch, and then sat there enjoying the view before leaving.
The yellow caution sign is atop rip rap (crushed stone) held with wire to hold up the steep bank.

Serendipity ruled the morning. I gather up my stuff, and out the door. At the location, I have a bottle of water, but nothing to pour it in. I have watercolor paper, but no drawing board or tape.  And on top of all that, I didn't refill all the paint in the palette box. Next time, I'll have an acrylic palette filled, a canvas ready, a beach chair to hold the canvas, and more coffee.
Spectre Gold II 8, Winsor Newton synthetic sable for the wash. Royal & Langnickel Taklon 2 for detail.

The Canada Geese are a lot of fun to watch. A few times,  two got into it for a much ado about goose.

Palette box needs refilling

I do clean my small palette box, sometimes. A watercolor palette is a familiar place that I don't like to move around unless I have to. I don't record the colors I use. I mix and go. I do allow the wet colors to dry a bit before I close up the palette.

The shoreline there is sandy while in other places it is very rocky. The Canada Geese line up along the water's edge to preen, snooze, dive, and enjoy the view.
If I had stayed longer, then I might have dozed off myself. I love the wind in the summer time. Dust in the air allergies are a bother. My voice is a bit rough in the short video.

YouTube Video of the Canada Geese, narrated by me

13 August 2017

Vintage Linen Towel

Still away from blogging
Relaxing, creating, enjoying the sun

09 August 2017

Mystery Solved: Not so fast...

The large black birds sitting on the branches of a dead tree have been a mystery to me. What kind of birds are they?  I thought they're crows. At the time the photograph was taken, I didn't notice them, using zoom. They are too big to be crows.

Today, I stop at a picnic table along Otter Creek. I see what looks like otter or a bird. Remembering I can use zoom on a picture when it is still in the camera, I see it is a bird. I thought a Blue Heron. An upload later zooming in, the beak indicates it isn't. I recall the name cormat something. Google and there the word is...Cormorant. Evidently, they can be a problem in the Lake Champlain Basin.
Double Crested Cormorant, Otter Creek, Vergennes, Vermont

The Cormorant is preening itself on a log.

Now I really am away...Update
Shut down laptop
Return, open laptop, Desktop icons are missing, fonts are changed, popup about No Desktop Available. More stuff to read through  on the Internet as to why this happens. 
Except for...how to tell if you've been hacked says if you find things changed, then that might mean somebody hacked your system. 
Search: Desktop Not Available Windows 10
1st Results dated February 2015
Nearly 100%  of the time I read a question and the solutions, its nothing but try this, try that. Not once have I read a clear solution on a problem that Microsoft knows about for years. I understand each system is different, but when the same thing happens on different systems in the same program, then I think the problem should have a clear solution. 

On the upside of it, the HP laptop colors are more attractive than on the Acer. 

Update 3 hour later...Acer system restore and Microsoft update finished. Problem...password didn't work because it had been changed. I didn't change it. Had to reset password to open laptop. 

08 August 2017

Time Away in August

Bridge over South Branch Middlebury River

Robert Frost Interpretive Trail, Ripton, Vermont
1.2 mile hike on a looping trail with benches and some of Frost's poems posted

Regular Posts Will Resume 
in a few weeks

Turns out to be days instead