18 March 2018

Hello Spring!

Happy Spring
Cold as it is, as sad as the times may be,
The beginning of spring  carries hope
for better days.

14 March 2018

Early Spring Palette

Nature near Lake Champlain, the colors of (almost) spring are beautiful, even the muddy ground and snow melt puddles. Alas,  the heavy snowfall these two days doesn't dampen the joy of knowing the ending of winter is very near.

06 March 2018

Tis the Migration Season

The other day a humongous flock of Canada Geese at Dead Creek Refuge in Addison, Vermont.
The light was flat. I didn't have my good camera with me. I had to good camera today. However, I estimate over 90 % of the geese flock have left.
Posting both days. The photos were fun to take. Navigating the muddy dirt road, not so much.

On a glitch roll

Heard on the news wrong spelling on an Internet search can pull up results for phoney websites that look like the real website when you click on the phoney link.
You have to click on the correct spelling.
Here's the not so fun part...
There is a cell phone glitch that duplicates the first letter of your Internet search keywords.
For example, artwork will show up as aartwork.
You can remove the extra letter.
I've searched for a fix, but the one suppose to work, doesn't on my phone.
The problem as I encounter it, is on Samsung Luna.

05 March 2018

Phone Harassment

Blocking calls doesn't stop them from calling.
Starting at 8 AM about every 2 hours up to about 7:30 PM.
Is it coincidence such regularity?
Old  numbers, new numbers, close and far away.

There needs to be laws against spam calls!
Providers needs to shut them down!