17 July 2018

The Uncluttered Room, Blue Green Algae & ALS

From a distance, the shape looks like the largest blue heron I've ever seen. A closer look shows me it is a tree.

A cluttered room is similar in that it can distort perspective. Brain less open to being there. Walking into an uncluttered room can be as refreshing as walking into the water on a hot sunny day. Water without blue algae, sharks, jelly fish, high ecoli bacteria counts. Yes, not so fast.

ALS and Blue Green Algae, Lake Champlain Committee

Dartmouth-Hitchcock, A Small Piece of the Puzzle of ALS

Last night on PBS I watched the  documentary, Saving Our Waters,  on the issue of blue green algae connection to ALS. I highly recommend reading up on the subject as well as watching that show.

In the era we are part of, the Internet can create clutter. Cleaning up a messy room, while on your way to putting something away, you find other things that divert your attention. PBS is a tool that helps me focus. Instead of clicking on fun headlines, I can click on articles that improve quality of life awareness. I hope this make sense.

Shall I say again...Happy Summer!

12 July 2018

Out and About in July 2018

Lake Champlain looking towards Adirondacks in Upstate New York
The weather this July has been hot perfect summer weather. I've been away here and there. I didn't notice how few photos I took until uploading them.There are times when being out and about is more important than pictures will show.

One picture I dared take of myself is a reflection in the Ben & Jerry's gift shop glass door. Never to be posted. Epiphany.
Paint more
Eat less

However, eat less doesn't count on being out and about. Stopping by the Cabot Creamery in Waterbury, Vermont was a real treat! Cabot Alpine Cheddar cheese is a favorite.

I hope y'all are having a wonderful summer.

05 July 2018

What 92°F July forecast looks like in upper Vermont

3:07 PM EDT
Vergennes, Vermont
5 July 2018

Update...3:29 PM EDT


Heat Waving Summer with Art Indoors

July 2018 is a summer's summer with temperatures over 90°F for days in a row, 3 reaching 100°Fahrenheit. The heat is keeping me indoors with glorious spirit improving sun to see from an air conditioned interior. The dynamic is ideal for finishing art projects.

The photo on the left is half of a collage that's been ongoing for over a year. Using hardboard, elements are added as time goes by. One day this, a month later, that. The background is glued on old falling apart no cover dictionary. To continue with the eclectic theme, junk drawers can be like finding buried treasure. What is removed as balance shifts, and my mind changes, leaves interesting paper tears, giving the piece a more aged vintage look.

Collage is a fun and relaxing way to spend hot summer hours indoors.