21 May 2022

Thoughts On the 3rd Saturday

Garlic Chives

The garlic chives in bloom are a lovely sight. The stems, however, are woody, not chop for salad worthy. I think it needs replanting and fertilizer to grow tender. After all, it did make it through the winter. I will save some of its seeds for new plants.

One and a half weeks until it is June! This was suppose to be the summer of less covid19 variant pandemic days. Yet, another surge is going on. Masks up. Hands Washed. Distance. Despite all the horrors, I believe we will have a good summer!

Until then...

Browse madras summer clothes online
Whistle a tune to the TV remote
Try a new-to-you ice cream flavor
List your favorite phrasal verbs
Listen to birds singing
Visit a local historical site
Make cheese Blintzes & strawberry sauce
Study Earth: Read about gangue
Research water coolers vs air conditioning
Think of being busy vs relaxing
Make sun tea

Have a Wonderful Week-end!

19 May 2022

Thoughts On Newness

White Verbena
Prolific Pansies

Purple & White Pansy Surprise

The majority of trees at this Champlain Valley floor elevation in Vermont are leafed as in green dust season is at an end. The world outside no longer looks like it attended a wild party the night before. 

Time to get outdoors more. 

This gardening season begins for me with a sense of newness. There are pansies blooming in groups. Pansies with ruffled petals. Purple and white pansies looking like they are rooting for the Minnesota Vikings. The diversity of pansy forms and colors is refreshing.

In the garden, ground and container, a pop of orange, I feel, livens up the landscape. An orange pansy, and a cute healthy one or two in other colors have been all I buy each year. This year, based on pansies blooming all summer long (shady areas) last year, I decided to buy more pansies. The gardening centers have many pansy varieties. 

A hanging basket of verbena can be stunning as they bloom so well. New to me is a white verbena to brighten a shady space. Adding to that planter a small very red petunia, and blue lobelia will create a patriotic vibe.

Do you plan your garden color scheme each year? 

17 May 2022

Google Gmail Problem?

Recently, I posted about Google's security verification to log into gmail. 

Today, with no signing in multiple times, that might cause Google's security to set off an alert, Google required me to go through a verification process to access this gmail account. I didn't expect it.

An over zealous security feature can cause account holders, like me for instance, to feel the discomfort of being hassled. And, to question why the push for folks to avoid using Gmail.

Are other servers revving up their log in verification requirements?

21 May...hassled again to verify in order to log in


White Lilacs
Seasonal allergies are put aside for a moment each year at lilac blooming time. A fresh whiff of lilacs opens memory's gate to allow happy images through,  giggling with heart. Where the the tallest, largest, and lilac colors are in the area has been with me since childhood. 

Alas, not everyone appreciates them because, I feel, not everyone embraces lilac history in a community. Slowly, they are sometimes removed, cut down, missing from the flower map.

Plant perfumes were an important part of grooming back in the day before deodorants, body odor by chemical eradication.

Beige Lilacs
Scent is also a strong memory generater.  Neighborhoods, for example, deep in Victorian houses with lilacs in the yard, have more vivid childhood memories for me than places I lived where the flower is not plentiful. 

Do you have a special scent location?