23 October 2017

Hanging Around in Autumn

Busy being away is a new experience after blogging for so many years, (9 this December). The most amazing difference not being on a computer for hours every day, the piles of stuff have been greatly reduced as my time is spent putting things away.
I hung an old painting I did years ago, and a yard sale vintage decoupage on a slice of log to help bring fall indoors. The foliage is spectacular in places, slow in others. I haven't been out and about to take pictures like I usually do. I'm getting use to an almost daily writing schedule, the exercise bike I got for my birthday, and relaxing.
Doing catch-up, the last of the October sort of scary story will be posted this Friday.

17 October 2017

Foliage October 2016

24 October 2016, Snake Mountain ridge line, Addison, Vermont
Foliage this year compared to last is about the same, except maybe in regard to the uniformity of color, at this elevation close to Lake Champlain.

16 October 2017

Sun Ground Color

Dead Creek, Addison, Vermont, mid October 2017
The sun shinning through the clouds creates swaths of light yellow ochre, but they aren't easy to catch with my camera. Slivers of light that shine on the reeds and trees disappear with a click of the lens. I want to put up my hand to hold the clouds still for a second. It brings me back to trying to capture the Chartreuse green sun lit  woods last summer.  Alas, finally a picture that has the color contrasts I want to capture.  Painting from photographs, the right colors and shadows are treasures.

Yesterday I made a new soup and put it away. Today is try it out day. If it is good, then there will be a recipe posted tomorrow. If it isn't good, then a photo will take its place.
The blog fading is beginning to feel nice because I imagine more comprehensive posts, more substance, and sincerely hoping more of my art. Life heaviness is lifting as I concentrate on writing, pushing myself to paint, and November.

15 October 2017

Blog Fading

I've thought about posting the first part for years...

Imagine you've experienced a tragedy, small or large. What reactions do you expect?
Sympathy, compassion, understanding, comforting words
Words are important. Our hearts need them, expect them, and we care about them.
I've heard many times people say...Other people have worse. And, that can often be true. The reality is...They are not you. You have yours. Your heartbreak, your tragedy, your misfortunes are Yours. Big or small, you deserve respect not laughter, not ridicule, not gossip, not blame. Yet, the world isn't always going to react with what we need, want, deserve or expect. There will always be the good, bad, and the maybe.

This is no maybe. This is a good decision for me to ease away from blogging until I am stronger.

When I began blogging in 2008, my goals were small, realistic, and based on a lot of hope. I wanted to share interesting and nice things. Living with mental illness meant making rules and following them in order to keep my awful times away from blogging. There is a blog life, and a reality life that I feel all bloggers have. There are things we don't, and shouldn't share. The journey to this third generation blog has been smooth and challenging. This blog is a large part of my life, but my reality life is so heavy, my ability to keep blogging is too difficult. Almost all the posts here have been reverted to draft. Eventually, less than 200 archive posts will remain. The October plan will limp along. By November, posts will be once a week or less.  
Beauty in transition
Thank you to all the wonderful readers
You visits and comments are much appreciated

14 October 2017

October Foliage Update

Adirondack Mountains across Lake Champlain from Addison, Vermont, mid October 2017

Checking out the foliage and signs of geese at Dead Creek Wildlife Refuge, the scene above is from three short days ago. The color in the higher elevations is more vibrant as the days go by. Today's picture is taken not far from the view above. I did hear and see geese in the distance. As yet, I didn't see large flocks on Dead Creek. The very small flock I saw was flying westward. The weather today is autumn perfect with a bit of chill, partly sunny, and a nice crisp wind. There is still hope for the foliage as green trees will eventually turn to their fall colors.