21 January 2018

One half inch shrunken spear of a splinter, pierced my lower arm as I was dusting. It looks like a small scratch. I keep on dusting. When I do look down, I thought...That looks funny. After cleaning it, dab of ointment, and bandage, I continue. Finished with chores, I wash my hands. As I remove the wet bandage, I notice a darkness inside my skin with a tiny hole the end where there's what I thought is a scratch. Not. Its the splinter. I won't describe what I did to get it out. It is healed very well.

That is January's excitement around here thus far.

07 January 2018

Winter Fun

Chilled well and shivering, 2018 is showing to be intense by the reminder of what is a true Winter. Brr. The outside temperature here is the coldest this month at -7ºF. The sun is out. The air is clear with blue skies above.
January is a time to brain storm where, what, when, and why any of it is worth doing. Pick a goal and hang off it ornaments of challenge, confidence, joy and something that resembles success. A fun attitude can go only so far.  Results are what brings a project to completion.
Thus, a fun winter challenge to eat well by marking the days without junk food.
No: Candy, cake, ice cream, soda, pie, chips or pudding
Fun times

03 January 2018

A Name for 2018

It is another year.
Lots of planning
Changing passwords
Clearing out apps
Streamlining blog
Would you believe after all the years, blog names and templates, I have finally (maybe) made a decision on a blog/website title? Ask me and I'd say...I'll believe it when I see it.
Here's the deal...
A blog title using a person name focuses on a central identity more so than, I feel, the blog's main idea. A title that doesn't use a personal name allows the audience to participate in a wider range of ideas from what they read,  portrait versus landscape. A no personal name title is a blog you can delegate to another blogger, step away, and, in some ways, be more flexible with the subjects. In the beginning days of blogging, circa 2008+/-, a personal name fit the environment. Using my personal name aides getting my name out there as an artist. However, that's not where I want to be in the changing world of blogging.

Changing my blog's name is a way of stepping away, and adding the option of other authors posting here. Selecting a name is half fun and half frustration. There are many titles, even made up words that are either already being used or in urban language means something undesirable. I find it more daunting to select a name that has personal meaning (what I like), and suitable representation. All the years brain storming, I have a few good blog names I will continue to use. This blog's name, however, is not one of them. The transition will carry this blog along with it, smoothly I hope, into a new blog environment with a new name that focuses on a wider range of subjects.