20 February 2019

Desk Chit Chat: Snow Moon, Shadows & Diorama

Snow Moon, 11:31 PM EDT via window view 2/19/2019

Sun and Snow

Diorama, Dancers, 2005
~ It was way too cold for me to get a good picture of the Full Snow Super Moon. I tried again last night for the true full Snow Moon. The cold was brutal, and the photos very blurry.
~ Shadows in the snow have a mystery about them. They are like clouds on the ground, always something to see in the shapes.
~ The diorama is for a painting course that I did not complete due to health issues. Thirteen years feels like yesterday, (without the heartache of those days).
~ Time away from blogging has been productive (despite my low energy). I finished a portfolio cart on wheels. The new craft table project is next. Both are out of scrap wood saved over the years. Don't toss those old vintage child's easels. The wood is fantastic to reuse. My adult size easel is now set up so that I can stand or sit down. Standing to paint is preferred.

 Wood portfolio cart on wheels made from scrap wood and a bit of mason's wire.

Blogging in March. Spring isn't far away!

08 February 2019

Desk Chit Chat: Light of Day

The photo of a winter sunset (above) is a painting I've been struggling with. There is now so much paint build up, the canvas needs to be sanded or taken off the stretchers to cover a trash can. Watercolor painting mistakes on paper can be cut up for collages or saved for reference. Acrylic painting mistakes can be useful as well for other art projects. For a nice journal or sketchbook, for example, mistakes can turn into beautiful book covers.
 The colors through the tree have fascinated me for years.
I am determined to create a painting!

Outside my window at this 5:20 AM EDT moment the wind is howling!
I love the wind as long as it isn't destructive.
Wind is Nature's massage on the soul.

Blogging will now slow as I put time in other creative projects

Salty Pumpkin Studio is also on Wordpress.com,
But may not be for long. The Free blog feature requires ads. At first, the ads were small, not all that obtrusive. Now they are in your face as well as inappropriate. Ads that show body parts, cover text, use up a good portion of the header space are all No thank yous.
There is a paid blog plan, but it has not monthly billing.
For this level of blogging, a yearly one time payment is not justified.
Thus, a website host, I feel, is the better alternative, than having your blog smothered in body part photos and who know what else will show up as an ad.

P.S. I tried the cinnamon flavored applesauce with my eggs,
it's not that bad as an interesting alternative.

Have a great weekend!

Sing to your reflection
Read a short story
Have a favorite candy bar
Try cooking gluten free lasagna
Watch a comedy film
Play the harmonica (as well able)
Take a safe stroll with a friend
Have a frozen TV for lunch
Make homemade Valentines

06 February 2019

From the Sofa

I use to sit at the table near the patio window. I took photographs there of things around me, a visual journal of stuff. Anyone remember the grape stems and hazel nut in water? I now take pictures from the sofa. The indoor compositions I create in my environment are a me landscape. Looking at the three photos, I'm most interested in reading the book titles.

In the 1950s, the majority of folks my mother dragged me along to their chat visits, had a table by a kitchen window with a radio on it. Extracting a day of radio from that era to play on the radio, in full, no editing today, I'm speculating, might upset as many folks as it makes laugh. I know if I heard an ad about the little lady, I'd cringe. Women were sometimes portrayed as if as a small pets one must amuse to keep happy. Magazine ads of women with 24 inch waist in flared dresses are the images I saw as a child. I wore petticoats that puffed up my dress! (Pausing for a brain scream moment.)

I feel the style diversity that people embrace today is marvelous. I might not be able to pull of a couple of petticoats under a dress today as my out and about outfit because I'm not young nor...what's a word...adventurous enough. I would be judged for sure if I did go out in a complete 1950s poofy ensemble wearing French Lilac lipstick (1950s bright deep pink with a blue tint).  Nowadays there's a lot of judging an era's context by today's standards.
It's like wearing a few petticoats to create a 24 inch waist.

Bookcase top, Photo of Da taken by brother

05 February 2019

Can Openers, Electricity & Melting Snow Video

Last year I decide to conserve electricity by not using an electric can opener after the one I had broke. 
Newish can opener
The thrift store has been my can opener source because they are cheap. Finding one unused or very little takes time. This time, I have an old style with a handle covered in plastic (for better grip). It works, so far, better than I hoped. If I dry it off well, then rust shouldn't be a problem until it gets under the connections. Using a hair dryer to dry the metal is not an option because it defeats the goal of using less electricity. Leaving it near a warm or in a shut off oven might work, on a can opener with no plastic feature.

One might wonder, as I do, why if art is the main reason for this blog, is this artist posting about can openers.*
Easy answer: Procrastination need not be unproductive.
I'm suppose to be slowing down, but he slower I get away from the blog, the more blog ideas Cyrl, my muse shares (with a grand bit of snickering).

Art related: Photography
There is no telling when the weather turns warmer, 45ºF after a below zero cold spell, what sitting outdoors can do to the imagination. I hear the drip of snow melting. A few minutes later, props are in place including plastic to kneel on, and there I am trying to take a short video of dripping snow melt. The experience was joyous.
*Update, the new can opener doesn't work. after one turn, the wheel spins without moving to open the can. sigh

04 February 2019

Meet Ethel, the Gentle Crow

Ethel, the Gentle Crow, and ficticious muse 

Gentle Scary Stories
On Blogspot

Over the weekend, and after a  brush with paranoia, and a rush of insecurity about my future, I click on Public for a made over old blog. I believe you can't live only parts of you, if you want to be a whole person. Confidence can take time to build. Make your blocks the best ways you are able.

Ethel is my muse, a fictitious crow. I haven't dumped Cyrl. He is still my main muse, but on this stretch of literary endevour, Ethel's voice is easier to chat with as she doesn't dish out a lot of criticism. Her personality is grandma with the attitude of a cat. Short easy enlightening answers.

"Up Crops the Canvas."
It will be in 2 or 3 parts. I have to look into the length Blogspot allows for posts.
Update: Story originally posted on 6 parts, as in much longer than I remember. Editing it down to fewer words to fit her will delay the posting until late tomorrow instead of the start of they day.