02 December 2016

Gesso Bones

What can that be?, digital photograph

There are discoveries in arts and crafts that will surprise you how adorable they are. When gesso dries on the insides of the container, the bones are left pliable, ready to pull out, and position on a canvas to create art. The above photograph is a black and white edited version of a detail of a gesso bone piece in progress. The bones or dry film is taken from the inner sides of a gallon container of gesso. The pieces have to be placed quickly before they dry out. Add white archival glue to edges that don't adhere to the canvas. Add gesso, objects, layers of gesso bones and/or paint until you have what you want. I study the forms before making decisions.
You can make gesso bones on purpose or wait for the natural formations. I prefer the natural style because its a favorite friend of my art brain, besties on the playground of gesso and canvas.
Gesso Bones, acrylic in progress

01 December 2016

Hand-Eye Coordination

Commentary on ways to improve hand-eye coordination

In art, drawing depends on the coordination of hand-eye. As a child, I was lost between looking at the subject and what the pencil or crayon is doing on the paper. I also had a dyslexic thing going on to deal with. Making the connection, building that relationship between knowing and controlling what my hand does through my brain is still on going.
Without practice, the skill suffers. For example, years ago playing the BBC Sheep Dash, 90% of the time I score Bobbing Bobcat, and on good days Rocketing Rabbit. Today, I always score sluggish snail as in tag zero sheep. What happened? Well, comparing back then 7+/- years, it goes like this...I don't draw daily. I rarely play Jezzball. I don't engage enough time in activity that requires hand-eye concentration. Its a classic case of don't use=you lose.
Tell me, how do I look?

Tips to consider for Improving hand-eye coordination:
  • Draw daily free and easy pencil sketches on newsprint
  • Create a bean bag toss on a small scale
  • Play online games like Jewel Quest
  • Play Jezzball (I use to score very high levels.) 
  • Go outdoors and play catch  with a person
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Sewing arts...fabric, yarn, floss

Challenge...Play sheep dash a few times; write down your score. After using one of the tips above for a couple of weeks, play sheep dash again to record your progress.

28 November 2016

Tis the Season of the Hello

Please call love ones and friends over the holidays. Hearing a voice is a major heart warm, and Skype for the visual is even better.
A text is nice. An email is nice. A card in the mail is nice.
The Voice wins over them all if you can't be there in person.
Being alone is one thing...
Hearing the silence of alone is an awful experience.
There's a lot to do so close to the holiday count downs, depending on what holiday you celebrate. Being in contact with  people is what the holiday spirit is about.

27 November 2016

Old Painting

After posting the photograph of Winter Colors in Vermont, I kept thinking I have a painting with those colors somewhere. I remember how the branches weren't finished. In an old folder I found a photo, and then found the canvas rolled in a bin.

The painting is larger than I thought. The white on the left is glare on the bumpy painting. It needs to be re-stretched. The rest of 2016 I'll be dedicating to finishing up the unfinished artwork. Painting makes the days go by faster, and feel better. I need better days. Going through my student drawings, dragging out unfinished artwork, I can see clearly my priorities have been lop sided. I need healing time with my artwork.