23 September 2016

Friday Photo

Have a fun week-end!

Pond along Onion Creek, digital photo edited

A Sleepwear Harvest

Gearing up for winter is about more than a maybe new winter coat, and inspecting your boot collection. Do you have enough mittens and gloves? What about socks and scarves? Cough drops, tissue, hand sanitizer, chocolate bars, sand in the trunk, ice scrapers, de-icer for locks and windshields, batteries, shovels, food, water, flashlights? There's also the flu shot to get and a reading list to create. My fun favorite...sleepwear! Each season there are a few things to shop for, and that can take hours searching and searching. What is online isn't always in the stores.
For winter...Its not easy to find for women, night shirts and pajamas in prints, fabric and a style I want. For years, on my Will Do Someday list is the project to create my own patterns and prints to sew custom My very own by me designer sleepwear. Until then, here are few considerations to help with those relaxing dream hours:

LL Bean  ~ Navy dots with white piping...classy wear

Vermont Country Store ~ The Tyrolean print...festive and lovely!

Victoria's Secret ~ The Fireside Long Jane pajamas... Yay for variety!

Kohl's ~Vera Vera Wang pajamas in plus sizes and stylish

Cafe Press Moose Pajamas ~ There's a special charm about wearing moose print sleepwear. Draw and upload your moose portrait to create a custom pair!

The Pajama Company ~ PJ Salvage Fox in gray...fun print.

22 September 2016

No Photo of the Garter Snake

On the way home I stop to take photos of Otter Creek because I need to work on how to paint water in watercolors for the Canada Geese painting mentioned in the last post. I felt that voice of reason tell me to be careful of snakes in an area so close to water where the flora is thick and over grown. Down a truck rut path close enough, I stop to take pictures.
The flowers appear to be Rudbeckia laciniata, Herbsonne. I didn't check closer for a positive identification. Snake thing.

On the way back up the short trail, who slithers by but a huge common garter snake. Sorry, no photo. :)

Take care when out and about