16 February 2018

google at it again and update on blog name change

New issue...Google alert red bar at top of page. Check activity. I read the instructions on how to remove the alerts. I click on the link to the page that it states to find the device and remove it...there is nothing there that states Remove. The entire help goes around in circles back to the Learn more page.
No thanks google for another google-go-round

At first traffic here was slow after changing the name. The bot inflating the visitor count was even gone. It took about a week for traffic to return to the usual, including the bot.

13 February 2018

Out & About Along Route 7

Out and about early yesterday as a passenger was an enjoyable mini-vacation. The level of anxiety was manageable. I don't drink or eat until on the way home lest my stomach act up. A cramp causes anxiety. Anxiety starts cramping. The perfect weather and company helps ease the jitters. And, the sausage biscuit with a coffee that is actually hot! Sublime.

Here are a few of the photographs taken along Route 7 going South.
Looking West after passing Shelburne Museum gate

Vermont, Lake Champlain, Adirondack Mountains

Looking East toward the Green Mountains

10 February 2018

Black History Month

Where to begin...
The experience of learning is facinating when you feel the reality of truth. Books traditionally were the vehicle of that experince. Today, the Internet business based world mingles with our ability to learn.
Pick up a book on Black History in America and read is the best suggestion I can offer to celebrate this important part of our lives. Know the truths that have been edited out of the American journey.

07 February 2018

Snow Storm February 2018

All morning I hear the weather report snow is on the way.
I went out early to do errands before the snow falls.
Snow here in Vergennes, Vermont beginning to fall 11+/- AM EDT.
At present there is almost an inch of small and steady snowflakes on the ground.

Repeat Patterns and Aromas

Creating repeat patterns has been on my project list for decades. I notice recently when taking pictures of a local tree, I don't remember using those type branches in drawings or paintings. Editing the photograph to sketch from, using the Negative All Channels makes the branches show up  better.

Branches, digital photo negative all channels

Branches, pine cones, pine trees, berries, and deer are on my upper creative brain for decor as well as patterns. Pine scent, however, can get old when it isn't now and then used with others aromas. In the winter, I prefer the cinnamon scent.

Are there things from nature that make you happy?