25 March 2017

Nature Fades the Woes

Sugar Maple Budding, Digital photo 2005

A poem belongs to this photograph that I have yet to write. The lines will include the twelve years that have passed since the picture was taken, and nearly ten since it was first posted. Older, achier, slower I may be, but there's always the overwhelming moments when Nature can make those woes fade. Writing poetry creates another dimension where the soul, familiar with the surroundings, feels at home.
What fades your woes?

24 March 2017

Early Spring in March

Sunrise, blocked by over cast skies, brings the light to see the lawn with patches of white. Later in the morning, the ground is covered with a few inches of snow. The next few days look to be the winter we didn't have.  The early days of Spring are like that. In this transition period, I'm reminded of a few things...

Gloves and Lotion
Without gloves, especially on windy days, hands can become so dry that spreading on lotion can sting and  itch. Think light gloves to prevent that situation.

Tissue and Lip Balm
Freezing cold may not be the temperature, but tissue and lip balm are as much needed as they are on blustery autumn days. A DIY facial tissue cover is a neat Spring project to consider.
Socks and Boots
Clean socks in the car (purse or pocket) for those times when bootless feet meet muddy puddles in the street.
Books to be Seen and Heard
A Spring reading list that is uplifting, adventurous and exciting in print, on tablet and audio books. This is the year to add the audio book, and  podcasts. First on my audio list is The Collapsing Empire, by John Scalzi, Voice by Wil Wheaton. Do you have actors your listen to in audio books?

Note...This is not a sponsored post

21 March 2017

Snow Melt and Evaporation a Day Later

The difficult issue for me taking pictures of snow is the light. If the sun is too bright, and there's no source to cast shade, then the shadows are too pale to define the shapes. The plowed snow piled up is different as the days go by. Snow lawns are more difficult for me and my camera to capture the patterns without heavily edited to bring them out.
See the wave just right of center. No matter what angle I try, the sun is too bright for my skill level of taking photos as well as editing.
The last photograph is a close up of how the snow is melting in the expanses. Corn snow, the icy bits that crumble and crunch beneath you feet, and skis, is typical Spring snow due to the melting. That wet snow under the top layer is ideal for making snow people.

20 March 2017

Spring Equinox, Thoughts, and a Photo

Summer Trees, edited with Sepia feature

Happy First Day of Spring!
It has been a rough few weeks from pre-blizzard  to now being empty of energy so bad it was like having the flu without the symptoms. I call it the Sofa Marathon. I won. Barely. Gradually the days brought me more strength to realize it has been over two weeks dealing with it. Last night the dark chocolate bar unopened on the kitchen counter, out there in the open for almost two days, created one of those moments when I wonder if this is what being dead is like...wondering if it happened without my knowing until just then because a chocolate bar unopened doesn't happen in my life time. When a person becomes older, close to 70 years +/-, I think preparation for the end of life thoughts, run in the background. Clearing out junk and shredding old papers is the new hobby du jour.
Leaving finish artwork instead of in progress becomes more important. Dealing with depression interrupts the pace I believe in as reasonable. Thus, it takes imagination to find ways to build the momentum to create finished paintings. Aha! Blogging is fairly consistent. Why not try a blog that's for artwork only? Good idea? Sure. It is a good idea, like the painted banner I bogged myself down with so far it has yet to be done. The projects build up, and there is no shredder solution. Editing photographs is a way of soothing disappointment. I think artists need to see images they feel good about, inspire them, provide a sense of value. The photograph posted here does that for me.