11 August 2018

A Summer Cold

Bah sniffles!

Add fern spores allergen issue, and its a lousy time. Trying to post using cell phone is horrible as well. I will be away from posting for a bit. It is time to catch up to things put aside while I was slurping chocolate ice cream ginger ale floats, and whinning about having a cold. Allergies. Sinus issues. No colds in 10+ years is amazing. The illness hasn't changed at all. My bad on the way home doing errands, chomping on a piece of muffin bare handed without washing my hands first. I felt lousy within hours.

Add seasonal hayfever. Wildflowers are beautiful. I knew when I went outdoors today, and started sneezing...hayfever

06 August 2018

Reflection Monday August 2018

I was 18 years when on a Sunday morning reading the Boston Globe's magazine section, I read about Tinnitus. The shock was numbing. Until then, I thought the ringing in my ears is the sound of silence. None of the hearing tests I had as a child resulted in a diagnosis. How would I tell anyone what I don't know is there?
When a rock hits you in the head, ( I have scars), the ping-ring sound is what I hear constantly in both ears. There are times when it is louder than usual, like when I take aspirin. Thankfully, louder doesn't happen that often.
Shocking discoveries in our lives can create a bend in our reality. I was over 50 years when I discovered in an art class I'm dyslexic. As a child, I blended the world with what I have, learned to get on with it; and with the help of extra reading classes in phonetics to catch up in second grade, I smooth over the dyslexia. Now as I age, I wonder what else will there be.

We can't ponder a thing we don't know exists.
The sound of our silence, isn't always silent.
Reflect on what you are hearing from your life.

04 August 2018

Desk Chit Chat: Wildflowers, Email, Procrastination

Queen Anne's Lace
Do your roadside flowers tell all about the colors of each season? In New England, August in particular, wildflowers use to be all about blue chicory, various yellow blooms, and white Queen Anne's Lace. Use to be because one season now seems to blend into another (winter pushing its way into spring.) Chicory is not only vibrant this year, it is abundant as well.

~ A note about AOL email...I recently discover free accounts not active for 90 days (3 months) are deleted with no reactivation option. Why AOL refuses to allow you to register the email address again, is a mystery. After all, 3 months isn't that long. What if you've been away? Anyway, if you have registrations that require access to a deactivated AOL account, then Good luck if you forget your password, or the website locks you out and doesn't have a no access to the email feature. Think logging in email addresses to keep them current.

~ A question just arose:  Can you laugh without smiling? Yes. Think of sarcasm laughter.
Background...I deleted this section's bit about procrastination because I now feel the procrastination subject, many of us share as a bonding agent, loses the HaHa! factor as we age/worry about losing our memory. I expect in the future the term Memory Fogs might be more popular that using the word Procrastination.

~ Speaking of...By the time my sandal make-over is finished, there will be snow on the ground. With all the threads I have, none are the strong waxed type I need to sew the tops on the bottoms. All that sewing isn't worth it to use thick embroidery thread that can easily fray. I am considering running a thicker thread through a block of bee's wax. Have you ever made over a pair of sandals or shoes?

Drive Safely
Eat Right
Keep up on local issues
Try not to become depressed about national and global issues
Happy August!

01 August 2018

Where Did the Summer Go?

Indeed, the half way point of summer  is on the wind.  The air is scented with August's warm day, cold night perfume. 

Another question is where did I go this summer.  Only a few places so far, (20% of planned excursions). Hot temperatures slow things down as readily as depression does. Yet, sitting in the shade, walking  with an umbrella under the hot sun, and what sandals to wear makes the summer feel like summer. Stepping bare foot onto hot concrete also raises it is summer awareness.

As I was shopping this morning, I notice Halloween candy. Hello!? That holiday is 3 months away! I don't need chocolate covered orange marshmallow ghosts haunting my ice cream cone days. So what if my favorite sandals are orange leather! Keep the pumpkins...no wait...I have to rethink this.

Anyway, reminding yourself to enjoy the best of what a season has to offer can be a confidence building experience. No regrets. Clean fans and filters. Ice cream quota filled. Saw lots of fireflies. Fireworks were neat. Didn't forget bug spray. And no sun burn!

What makes a summer feel like summer for you?

23 July 2018

Coleslaw & Barbeque Sauce

There are two summer foods that can be as good bought as they are homemade.
Coleslaw and barbeque sauce...
If you find the right place to buy them

For one person, store bought good coleslaw is a summer hunt.
Barbeque sauce I know how to make my own.