11 July 2019

Blog Vacation

A favorite summer photo
I read somewhere on the blog scene, time away from blogging
is the cute word, blogcation.
I am not on vacation, just the blog.
Probably the next post, unless I ever do have a vacation, will be
Reflection Monday in August 2019.

Have a wonderful July!

08 July 2019

Looking Back: Old Blog Photos

 Circa 2003, garden beside my deck (now lawn). 
I made the stone walkway
using my rock collection and the heavy clay soil.
 Circa 2008, Summer of fascinated by ice cubes
 I still don't know how to make perfect biscuits.
 Baby squirrels!
 Walking away, 
sometimes is just walking
 the other way.

 Tree frog, now heard in the hedge row next door.
 I feel that way when I open the fridge door.
 Clean Fans weekly!
 Objects posing for abstract inspiration
me sitting at the table too long with nothing to do.
 Umbrellas make good parasols
 Twig art

04 July 2019

Life & Photographing Fireworks

Chrysanthemum Firework
Did you know the different kinds of fireworks have names?
PBS Names of Fireworks

I was looking up the singular name for a firework. It is firework. Plural is fireworks.
Life should be so easy.
Watching a (small) firework display while taking photographs is much like life, some blur, some wiggle, some just don't, and others morph into a dance of light that makes me smile.
As all that is going on, the dread of mosquitoes plays in the brain background...Will the bug spray hold...Did I miss a spot?...Oops! The lens was pointing away!

Not all years produce good firework photos. This year is a good year. I like those that appear abstract. In the first post below, the white firework picture is my favorite. I can imagine an over sized print on the wall, food for the imagination. The firework posted above, I see has inspiration for a fabric print.

The barrage this year was spectacular, but too short in duration.
On the positive...I am glad to report no mosquito bites.

The one that got away.

And the yeas have it!

02 July 2019

What Do You Notice?

Roof tops
Weather vanes
Slate roof tile designs

It began over ten years ago as I was taking pictures of clouds.  For a sense of scale, a roof line in the frame may be necessary, (depending on how high or low the clouds are). At a narrow section of sky line in a local city, Victorian and Queen Anne styles, in various forms, captures my attention. A few years after that began...a splash of sun on a slate roof makes me smile. Add neat dormers to the scene for a bit of giggling. I have not figured out why the roof top goings on interest me. They do, and that is good enough for me. I look more than I take pictures of. It is as if the clouds have landed, and morphed into structures.

Do you notice what things you look at more than others in the scenes you view? Aside from people, what draws you in as you go about your every day life?