27 June 2017

Chasing the Greens

Looking southeast from Dead Creek visitor's pavilion

Looking northwest, Dead Creek visitor's pavilion
Once again I'm out to take pictures of greens because there are enough clouds to cast shadows that mix up the colors. I stop at the Dead Creek Wildlife Management visitor's pavilion in Addison, Vermont. In the southeast there's a huge thunderstorm. I saw lightening shaped as a horizontal  with two vertical bolts on each end going down to the ground, like the bottom of a H without the top. Weird. It was many seconds before I hear thunder.

from Dead Creek Wildlife Refuge visitor's pavilion area

I turn to see in the northeast greens in the Adirondack Mountains. There is a lot of haze casting blues over the landscape. My focus is how the shades of greens work to creak the lushness I see without a lens translating for me. The farther away, the more blue haze that editing doesn't always fix. The light green in the foreground is almost the same as the sunlight on the trees on the mountains.

I turn around again to see the thunderstorm is moving east instead of towards me. After a few pictures of my favorite leaning oak trees, I'm on my way home.

I hear thunder.

Birds of a Feather Pals

At first, I thought the goose is a decoy, a statue. Then it moved. Among Canada Geese, the goose stands out. What kind of goose is it? I think maybe a Domestic Graylag Goose.

Whatever it is, the goose is companion to a Canada Goose, following and touching. (see below)

 I didn't realize there are so many different types of geese. Check out the website Birds of North America for Geese.

26 June 2017

Tissue Turds

Watercolor sketch

The watercolor sketch is the second try. The first is torn up waiting for me to get up to throw it in the trash.(I decide on the way home from doing errands, giving acrylics a chance on this landscape is in the cards.)

Today, the several tissues I've used are flimsy pieces of paper that with a touch of moisture, nearly disintegrate. The bits stick to the surface leaving tissue turds on your nose, rear, and in this case , on my watercolor sketch.

Tissue is used to lightly dab out color to make clouds and such in watercolors. In the photo, the bits in the sky are tissue turds! I expect when they dry, they can be gently brushed off. Still, the surface isn't the same as it would be without the tissue turds.

From my experience, it doesn't matter what direction to dab or wipe. There's tissue that is cheap, flimsy, horrid and will roll up into bit of tissue turds. With toilet paper tissue, unless you wash off and dry with a towel, that soiled and scented by your waste tissue will be there until it is washed off. Think about it. Find a tissue that's worth the price. 

Cumulonimbus Cloud Fascination

Curmudgeon's in development
Clouds being clouds

Without zoom, Baby elephant and hound
I figure it this way, the fascination with cumulonimbus clouds is akin to the cathedral symbolism of being closer to the magnificence of God. There is Power in those clouds. Their scale alone can be overwhelming in providing a sense of place in existence. I believe there is nothing on Earth that can replicate the awe of a tall cumulonimbus cloud.
Baby Elephant and Hound

To the right/west of the above photos

25 June 2017

Making Summer Be a Summer

Journal entry, October 1, 1846
When you walk out of a store, or pizza shop, do you think of who your contemporaries are?
Imagine an author you know stopping to chat about another author's success, that you also know. 
Social opportunities in the 19th Century aren't the same. Today we have Social Media. Journal worthy to write down what you read on the Internet that day? That part of your Life?
Technology creates a World that keeps on going with us tethered to our electronic devices like melting ice cream on our arm held up, rectangle in hand, cone in the other. Imagine how much of your activity has been cached, and eventually will degrade somewhere somehow in cyber space.

In the Now...What do you want your summer to be?

There are ways to make sure you experience the best part of a season. Going safely outdoors is one of them, (taking care to be aware of heat dangers). When you walk out a door next time, or any time, consider giving a thought to creating your good summer rain or shine. Enjoy the fruit and vegetables in season. Read outdoors. Have lunch outdoors. Shop a Farmer's Market. Put your toes in the water. Watch rainbows form. Wear spiffy sandals, and a funny tee shirt like you're at the beach. Write yourself a fun poem that you can read to everyone after Thanksgiving dinner.

Photo: Studio Maywyn, Viburnum flowers after blooming