17 May 2018

One Spring Thing

Crabpple Blossoms on a Rainy Day, May 2018
This spring one thing I've been eager to not miss...flowering tree blossom time! It is a favorite. Alas, on a rainy day the scent is washed away. One of my favorite trees to photograph is in full bloom as I type. Spring this year as been weird with flowers and leaves popping out by what feels like in hours.

14 May 2018


A good sign of spring is when seeds sprout.
I planted marigolds. Instead, there are several morning glories from last year's seeds, and another flower I don't remember what it is. It will be fun to see what they turn out to be.

12 May 2018

Making Sense?

Issue: AOL email sign out; new page after sign out asks
"Are you sure you want to sign out of your account."
IF you click on, "Yes, sign me out," then you will be sent to the website
That website is Yahoo India.
If you don't click on "Yes, sign me out," then you will Not be signed out of your AOL email account.

        The problem is being directed to a page in a country that I am not located in, causes concern. I don't know of any other website that ushers folks to a foreign website. If I want help...AOL email is stopped due to high traffic (no surprise there). AOL chat is for paid members. Otherwise, you have to use your Facebook or Twitter account. I don't believe in enabling websites to bully people into using their social media accounts in order to get help that should be on their Own website.
     Use another email server? Pay for an email server?

While you are in AOL email, open a new tab for AOL main page, close email tab, then Log Out upper right next to your name, click yes you are sure, and from there the next page should be the AOL USA page.

07 May 2018

Reflection Monday May 2018

Storm clouds 
can't dominate your blue skies
unless you allow them to...
Life is full of weather
Umbrellas, raincoats...sun glasses and flip flops.
Give you heart permission 
to reflect on the good when things don't feel that way.
Sort out the negative without getting soaked by anger or pity.
If someone disappoints you,
then grieve, pray, forgive, be honest with yourself,
and remember, moving on doesn't have to mean away from.
Trust yourself to be good to yourself.

06 May 2018

New Blog Name

The new blog name encompasses what I've been searching for in the land and sea of New England. I was born within sight, (in those days smell), of the Charlies River that flows, (back then) into Boston Harbor. As a child with my Da as guide, I walked the woods in the Concord area, and ate the produce from our field across the street from the Alcott's Orchard House. Those days along with the scent of Walden Pond's fresh water and woods are my best memories. The salty Atlantic Ocean air is the cologne of my soul. The mountains and woods of New England make the quilt that comforts my heart. This is the last name change. I finally feel at home here.

Pumpkin & Woods, 12" x 16" acrylic 2009