17 April 2018

While Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring, Red Wing Black bird

Taking a blog break
Will return in May

Comments for this post are off because I'm not online that often.
Happy Spring!

13 April 2018

A Delay to Spring

Winter hangs on, and so does the flu season.  The flu may be milder if you've had a flu shot. Stay home, rest, plenty of water, and too much television city has been the destination for me this week. At night I feel worse.  An Internet search tells me that's the normal way the body works. Yay day time. The worse is over almost as fast as it began. Thank you flu shot.

More treats...
Wifi despite turning it off in settings, continues to turn on. It disrupts data usage as in pulls up a disconnected notice until I shut it off again to return to the Internet page I'm on. Why a cell phone is designed without a Wifi shut off option that works is a mystery.
Not setting up a laptop is freeing when resting on the sofa.

There are too many television shows that are too similar. There may be different characters, settings, and themes, but they have the good old predictability anatomy. Documentaries save the day. Nova and Nature are favorites.

Water is the only drink, besides leftover milk in the cereal bowl that doesn't disappoint.

Craving ginger ale and vanilla bean ice cream is easier to ignore after a sleeve of crackers.
Vermont Creamery cranberry and orange goat cheese is my new go to treat. Sorry yogurt.
The sock drawer will move to a smaller space. Time to let go of unmatched socks after too many years of hoping.

Have a happy week-end!

12 April 2018

Missing Something?

I posted about websites asking people to register or sign in to their website using Facebook or Twitter February 2014. Yes, 4 solid years ago at least, sharing was offered to the public. I didn't write anyone to complain or continue to speak out about it. I've read more than one terms of service and privacy policies. Yet, I linked articles into my Facebook page. Social media is not new. Privacy terms is not new. The Internet is not new. Data mining is not new. Yet, all that is being treated like nobody had a clue?

Point is...We had enough information to raise questions...
Is it possible for the public to have their own terms that websites must agree to?

10 April 2018

Get Your Act Together Blogspot Google

Over 5 times I sign out and screen doesn't change.
My blog is open long enough to type a post that disappeared when I finally had to log back in to post it after a pop up asks if I want to log back in. All that was left is this posts' title.
I believe it is a security problem when sign out takes so long to work, leaves the account open for minutes afterward.
The problem began over a week ago with twice sign out.
Then more than twice.
Today over 5 times.
Sign out should work the first time.

Update...the problem appears to have been fixed within about a day of posting about it.

08 April 2018

Early Spring in April

Upstate New York, Crown Point Historic Area on a chilly and very windy afternoon;
and a  photo from Vergennes, Vermont looking northwest to Adirondack Mountains

Lake Champlain from Crown Point Historic Site, Upstate New York
Adirondack Mountains looking over Vergennes, Vermont

Crown Point State Historic Site, Upstate New York