10 December 2018

Holidays and the Trees

Not to be all bah humbug, I select limited holiday deorations as in the tree(s) as the limit.
No gifts, parties and such. This is a comfortable way to be part of without the discomfort of sorrows. We can chose how we do or don't celebrate in our hearts, home and beyond.
Happy However You Chose to Celebrate!

Warm Up Winter With Toast

TwoNut Toast
Tired of eggs or cereal...this winter, a first meal of the day option will be...Toast!
With no plan, I put together TwoNut Toast. The taste was a surprise.
- Artisan bread you might have to halve to fit the toaster
- Real butter the toast
- Strawberry jam
- Crushed well walnuts
- Dabs of peanut butter
Next round, I'll add the walnuts to the jam and put the peanut butter after the real butter.

I was sliding back to pancakes before this toast thing happened. The best meals are sometimes the ones you don't plan.  As for the real butter, the diet plan I create for myself allows during the holidays, and a few other times of the year, Real Butter. It is also a holiday tradition to make a snack tray to go with a bottle of nice Riesling wine, and watch a movie. Alas, each year the tray gets smaller as portions are limited no matter what day it is.

05 December 2018

Cyber Space and You

What are you going to do when it melts? Eh, Ethel?
Social media is like the Hula Hoop of the era... multitudes of folks trying, some struggling, to create good rhythm without looking or feeling left out or inept. Looking good is a common goal. Yet, no matter how good we feel, some of us are shy, want those shades on, a hat, fluff the scarf up, way up.

When websites began asking folks to log in with their Facebook or Twitter account(s). I cringed then, and still do now. The situation creates an uncomfortable feeling of being out in cyber space farther than I care to be. (Yes, bloggers can be shy-ish.)

The dilemma is many websites depend on ads to generate income. We support websites by visiting them. The majority of ads I see are all right. I understand ads can't always match the post they appear near. A post of your travel photos, for example, may not be where you want to see an ad for a medication  to adjust your bowels.  Algorithms aren't perfect.

Participate. Search your name on a few browsers, and into a few page results. Get a feel of where you and the Internet are. Be proactive in setting your cyber boundaries as much as you are able and/or is available.

01 December 2018

Desk Chit Chat: Hello to December

Viewpoints, digital photo

During the holidays more than any other time of year, I feel, there's a lot of stories of human kindness in the news. Instead of sales reports, I'd rather hear about acts of kindness, gift ideas, people's holiday traditions, and recipes.

The leaf in the photo is runner up to favorite picture taken this week. The more I look at it, the more I like it. The leaves in the last two photos I've posted are from the autumn decorations. I add real fallen leaves to the fabric ones to give the decorations an organic wholesome aura. I guess I lean toward being a Nature person. Although I like concrete and such, trees are preferred.

Note to self this week...just because a parking lot doesn't look full, doesn't mean it isn't busy inside the store.

I've heard in the news recently about stores that sell reusable clothing. I thought that's what thrift stores and eBay are for. Who knew.

The Ben Franklin store in Middlebury, Vermont is sadly missed. I feel stores like that are a treasure to a community.

Happy December!
Invest in Your Best You
If you have to stop and think about what is best about you, then write yourself an essay on your impression of yourself. Write it like there's professor to grade it. Then...say hello to sliding it into your shredder. Evidence of ego shouldn't be left around. Want to be bold? Make a time capsule box and bury your not shredded essay in your yard. Use waterproof ink.