11 October 2018

Watercolor Season

October foliage this year is spectacular despite the many green trees turning late. I like this season best for watercolors because the colors are so beautiful.

I usually add bare branches. This watercolor is without that element because the feel is right to me without them.

Bare branches turn out better when added last unless the tree's form is the focus. Otherwise, it's easy for me to over do branches, and sometimes ruin the painting.

06 October 2018

Out & About in October

Quick! I say before the Wifi goes out again...
Photographs from the trip up Route 125 to the Robert Frost Trail in Ripton, Vermont
The sky on the rainy Thursday is perfect autumn weather color contrast, and not crowded at the trail.
The sunny Friday, nice in person with more folks at the trail. Not photographed that well due to photographer (me) error(s).
Route 125 going up into Ripton is windy with many sharp curves. You will see a 15% grade sign in one section. While the speed limit is 40 Mph or less, I find it better to be cautious with a slower speed when it is safe, nobody behind me, but even then I slow before curves. There are place that do not have guard rails along the Middlebury River side. There are trees that will take your breath away.
Driving from East Middlebury the Robert Frost Trail is where the walk and poems are. Not very far up the road on the left is the Robert Frost Wayside picnic area.
I had lunch there yesterday in the car with nobody else about. As I'm admiring the foliage across the street, something in the corner of my right eye startles me, made me jump real quick! Goldenrod swaying in the wind. Mind you, it is in a Moose Crossing area. Heed the warnings. Green Mountain National Forest is a forest as in habitat for wild animals.

Please, Focus on the Road.
Route 125 towards East Middlebury

Robert Frost Wayside picnic area

Along Robert Frost Trail

Right before me at trail  parking lot

Field at the end of Robert Frost Trail

R.Frost poems & benches along the trail

Pond, (center) beaver under water is at work

Not a Moose Goldenrod

Robert Frost Wayside picnic area, lunch 

Desk Chit Chat: Foliage, Glitches & Wifi

The foliage pictures are on a laptop having Wifi connection problem. The xfinity system says Wifi, but icon says none open. One might ask why process the Wifi pass when there is none available. Since the new xWifi thing and the Mozilla updates there are glitches.

A sunny day yesterday made for a return to the Robert Frost Trail on Route 125, Ripton, Vermont. The photos are better on the rainy day. I took a photo from the laptop to post here. Evidently taking still photos on the video setting creates the smallest size. Oh dear me, it is me. Learning photography is as much fun as it is rewarding.

My prayers to everyone following the Supreme Court nomination hearings as it has been heart breaking on many levels for both sides of the issues, and for those in the middle

05 October 2018

Seasonal Blog Backgrounds

Maple Tree 2017 Background photo
Many blogs stay with the same background or until the blog transitions to its own website. I like the stability of the same look. However, I am a New England four seasons person. I prefer seasonal backgrounds on this blog.

Yesterday I took a ride on Route 125 up into Ripton, Vermont to visit the Robert Frost Trail to see how the foliage is progressing. I was not disappointed. The colors are not peak yet, but they are on the way. Unfortunately all the photos are on another laptop.  Those pictures will be posted tonight or tomorrow.

Meanwhile, after a Firefox update, the search page no longer works. "Private Browsing" shows up in the address bar.
Update, If I use a tab opened to view this blog, then the search results show up. If I open a new blank tab, then no search results will show up on that tab.
Another Update
The Firefox changes...If you have never remember history, then go into that and click on the "Use custom settings for history. "

03 October 2018

Trophy Bits

Expanding on the Comfort of Crowds post...

Whenever the feeling is strong to stay home, I evaluate the situation. If it takes me time to remember when I last went out to do more than quick errands, then I know it is time to do more away from home. Thus, when I see "Estate Sale" on a little sign at the intersection, I turn in that direction. Along the way I tell myself I don't need anything, and, set a firm budget. And best rule, don't buy anything that isn't useful to me.

Being low income and/or on a tight budget has the down side of people looking sideways at you if you even buy a coffee. Fact is getting out and about within reason can be as important to one's health as medication. If you guilt yourself to stay indoors, then consider being easier on yourself. Try decreasing the reasons to stay home.
 I haven't been to the movies since 2005. Stopping at a yard sale and such a few times a year (or less) is all right.
At the estate sale, I stayed within budget, and it wasn't easy. What's more, I can finish 2 projects, now that I have the right size drill bits! Returning home felt great...and not a moment too soon since I didn't like being gone so long.

Give yourself room to feel free and good about yourself...
Buy a pumpkin!