24 April 2017

Switch Swap Go the Laptops

A short time ago I posted about having backup computers, and keeping them all updated. The other day while waiting for Windows update/set the laptop free, I used the back up less expensive laptop.
Uh oh.
The speed and graphic displays are better on the back up laptop than on the good one. The back up is newer by a couple of years. The difference in technology surely is better as we all know each generation of computers is better than the last. I imagine sometimes there's a log somewhere with all the new stuff set out on a spread sheet with dates and times for the developed discoveries, to be made public in the new computer.

What if we did that with our lives? Our buying strategies? Our budgets? Our Will-Do lists?

Recently in map searches, a fun thing like reading the dictionary, I wrote out a sheet on Quaint New England versus Desert Southwest. The highlight of the Southwest is the magic. There is something about desert, the pinon trees, scrub brush, and open land that is deeply inspiring. It can bring a person closer to their soul spirit than the woods of New England? In some ways yes. The woods is a blanket doing other things that don't require a person to be noticed. In the Southwest desert, a person is more a part of the environment.

Overall, the balance of the two places is like the new versus the newer. There will be things to notice as well as things to just experience. One laptop is dark and the other is silver. One keyboard erases my typing and the other can cut into my wrist while leaving my words. The key is to arch my hands when typing, and lift the wrist to the smooth surface instead of the sharp edge. Adjustments.

22 April 2017

Antlers, Foil and April Showers

Overcast. Rain. Chilly. April has been April.
And just after April's adorable baby giraffe is finally born, a great moment of joy and celebration, the cam is shut down. After all that attention, the prize being taken away feels like a door slammed in the face.
April has been one of those months. A way to push through it, is to pick up and create something. Thus, the faux deer is back on the table. The antlers aren't as easy as I thought they would be. I didn't anchor them well. In other words, they can flop over making the deer look like a bull. The aluminum foil is fantastic. I wish I had used it in the armature phase.
The lawn is green and growing, beautiful in the rain, vibrant and refreshing.
This morning a pair of socks on the floor...instead of picking them up, I slid on them to the laundry hamper like I was cross country skiing. I wrote a poem about it. Yes, I do believe I need sunlight.

18 April 2017

Reasons for Looking Up

Earth's Moon Wanning Gibbous, 14 April 2017 EDT Afternoon
Canada Geese in Flight, April 2017
Sunset on Trees, April 2017