07 December 2017

Mallard Ducks on Lake Champlain

Some ducks go deeper than others

Watching a small flock of mallard ducks on Lake Champlain on a windy day is waves of fun. The ducks stay closer together as well as in place despite the brisk waves.
I haven't been out and about to take photographs in a while. Thus, with determination, I set out yesterday to find a landscape. That is the easy part. Finding a place to stop to take pictures isn't so easy. It has been years since I've been to that the's the road, there's the lake, follow the signs. I did and ended up at the Charlotte Vermont Ferry, (not the original destination). Thankfully there was a place to park for a short while. I was scared I'd end up crossing the lake. Key to picture taking...Plan The Route/Use a map!

Looking at the Adirondack Mountains from Charlotte, Vermont

The light through the clouds isn't as bright as I hope. I didn't stay to wait for sunshine to show up.

This picture is the rare shot captured, as most of the time they are under water except for their tails.

The ducks staying in place so well in such choppy waters is fascinating.

Upstate New York across Lake Champlain from Charlotte, Vermont

Note the picnic bench. I had the feeling my original destination might be around the bend there. It isn't. Charlotte Town Beach is along Lake Road, farther north from the ferry. I left for home, and trip another day...with the correct directions.

05 December 2017

Brighten Up Your Holidays

Worn Almost Once
The photo on the left is a pair of cotton long gloves, worn with evening gowns. The lovely design of that pair has such a feminine fancy flair, they make me smile. The rule is if the host's wife is wearing gloves, then you wear gloves. The problem is evening bags are small. Putting away gloves makes the purse look like a snake swallowing a horse.
Time for sitting with a nice hot toddy thinking about  getting up for more desert, and laughing when you crackle louder than the burning logs in the fireplace. Sounds like a good story to write down.
If you don't have the happiness during the holidays, then create some for yourself. Write a fun story that makes you smile, relax, celebrate how wonderful you are.

04 December 2017

Reflection Monday December 2017

Things we use are reminders of what we do. 
Erasers in a little jar, old brushes, new brushes, gesso smears, paint, jars, containers holding it all. 
I wonder if adding something will make the photograph more interesting.

02 December 2017

Desk Chit Chat: Peace

It is important to know the difference between mistakes and unclear thinking.
When we strive to embrace Peace, forgiveness is the hard road that requires clear understanding.

01 December 2017

Hello December

In the grocery line,
hair cuts fascinate me the  most...
what's current favorite do?
choppy edges seem
to be in
trims will be a breeze
as I've been cutting my own hair since about nine years old
last night I gave the scissors
a fun time,
and for once
I don't care if my hair is even or not.

My closets are looking better as well, as in the last week of November, I've been busy trimming them up. I found stuff!
A few things kept desk handy are:
rubber finger tip for going through pages and pages (grosses me out people licking their finger to turn a  page), paper hole puncher (in case I feel like making a gift tag of a canceled stamp on an envelope), coffee can for small trash bits, and the staple remover (found stuff/been missing for months).

Surrounded by stuff sorted ready for inspection or to be put away, what do I do?
Take photographs.
I also had fun diverting my attention on other things such as...

Recycling hard plastic sandal lowers that can be stitched!
This has been on my project list for years. I have painted sandals, but not redone them completely over. Will they end up being next year's stuff found? No, because I have the new design firm...a pair that I wore my senior year in high school 50 years ago!

Happy December!