21 November 2020

The Brush Has Landed

Snow Geese Landing, digital photo

 The above photo is the model for the watercolor I have been sketching. When working through trauma issues, art can be a very powerful tool. At first, the determination puffs up the ego, the brainstorm honeymoon has a grand time sketching, thinking, imagining. And then, the flight home to reality. Practicality takes over. Glad to be home. Feeling less pressure. This is the day. And then...the setting up to paint. Get up and go get something else was a four or five times interruption. I begin painting with the decision to just paint a simple scene, the field where the snow geese are landing. 

Watercolor sketch for Snow Geese Landing

Using brushes only, I haven't added detail. It is easier to paint with a simple pencil sketch on the paper. That can be too specific, and a way of procrastinating on having brush in hand. The key is to give yourself permission to be messy and  imperfect. The paper is still wet in the photograph. I didn't stretch the watercolor paper first. If I was painting with a pencil sketch, and depending on the style I want to achieve, then I might, depending on the size, stretch the paper first.

I will continue to sketch the snow geese. I hope in the near future to have at least one watercolor of them finished. I know for sure, the fence will not be part of those paintings; the barn will be farther back and longer; and, there will be minimal mountains in the distance. My goal is to blend the story of the snow geese with their environment. At the moment, I'm fascinated with the way their wings are part of their body when landing.

20 November 2020

Easel Words: Glitch, the Sound of Plastic & Watercolor Paper

    Glitch: The blogs I follow reading list. Each post notice has the time since it is posted in minutes, hours, days. I haven't written down the times to compare when there are blog post notices that weren't there before. The out of nowhere posts' times appear to be as if when posted. Is Blogger using election vote counting software? Censoring/flagging blog posts/or bloggers? Or is it a glitch? Have you notice the glitch?

    Today, after reading and seeing folks holiday decorate early, I took out two small trees I use for the holidays. Iwill wait to deocorate them, though. In one of the bags, a plastic ornament I thought was plastic because when tapped, sounds like plastic, it not plastic. It broke, shattered all over the floor. In the spirit of the positive focus, I state that when an ornament accidently breaks, all broken mirror bad luck is void. I am so glad for that because I'm on I over twenty years. 😎

    Watercoloring. It was a joyous day when new watercolor paper arrived. I right away cut a few sheets to the sizes for easy precut mats (see photo). And there is where the pile of paper has been since that day. I am confident that I will be posting a finished watercolor on Saturday, 21 November 2020. Scary challenge, but it has to be done.

How are you faring with this being the middle of November?

19 November 2020

Our Skies At Night Resiliency

A Vermont Sunset in November

Imagine you are sitting there, curtain open, late afternoon, you are busy writing notes and sketching this year's holiday card design. You look up to see the entire outdoors is vibrantly lit up with a golden pink sky! That is what happen to this blogger a week ago to the day. The time between going glow and no glow is in minutes. This time of year, and into December can have spectacular skies at night.

If only the pandemic would fade as fast at the colors of a vibrant sunset. The early holiday decorating, that resiliency is a source of strength that I feel, brings out the vibrantly best of people. If I see Easter eggs hanging from trees in Janaury, I will smile. I expect, however, and hope the holiday decorations last the winter. I hope we last way beyond that.

Mask Up! 

Help everyone

have a Healthy Future!

For inspiration, take a look at 23 Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas, Better Homes & Gardens. (not a sponsored link). The Farmhouse Kitchen and Front Entry are favorites.