15 April 2021

Off the Petal: Comment Glitch, Scenery & Vaccine

 The view during morning coffee last week. 

The sky blues have felt more uplifting since the pandemic. 

Glitch. When I sometimes try to submit a comment, it goes to a page...Sorry...clear cache. Doing so may mean you have to log in again.  Glitch 2: On cell phone, delete forever emails don't seem to delete.

The 2nd vaccine shot in the same arm as the first may have not been my best decision because the soreness showed up by the time I returned home. The ice helped. The first shot, soreness took several hours to be felt. Both, however, went in with zero pain or pinch even. I will continue to wear a mask and social distance for many months. I won't be surprised if I wear a mask for years.  Out the door, no mask up...sneezing right away.  Next day out the door, mask up...no sneezing. Spring allergy seasons and I ❤ a mask. 

14 April 2021

A Ring Billed Gull at Lunch

 At first, the ring billed gull stood off aways from my car at the edge of the parking lot, not saying much or giving me the I want food eye. Then he moved closer. Still no squaking. He walks over the lawn to left side of my car, at a distance, and begins eating what is probably bugs. Fying a short distance, he rests for a few seconds before going down to the shore of Lake Champlain. 

Thank you to Amanda of Island Musings, for the  gull ID. I thought the black band on his bill was plant matter.

Walking along the very edge of the water, he stops, looks around, moves on, stops, and then finally enters the water. Seconds later, he dips his bill and eats something. I had tuna salad (no bread), chips and water for lunch. I experienced no flying, ride on the waves or toe dipping in the water.

06 April 2021

Off the Petal: Fresh Flowers, Still Life & Color

  Each fresh flower bouquet this past winter and into spring has a different personality. A few of the close up/macro pitures remind me of  the Dutch Golden Age, still life flowers with the dark background. Searching the Internet for a public domain photo is also an exercise in discovery.

Dutch Golden Age Art 17th Century
Jan Davidsz. de Heem

Raise of hands...How many knew what Tenebrism is without reading the link?


What do you do when you discover something you didn't notice that surprises you? 

After reading about the benefits of Tumeric, I tried it. Food turning a bright yellow is a happy sight. Seeing yellow elsewhere, clothes, decor and such, is cheery.  I've been a fan of yellow chiffon for ages. Yet, for my clothes and decor, there is no yellow of any shade. (I did, however, buy a floral fabric with a palest yellow background to make a dress, since I don't have one after donating my summer dresses by mistake several years ago.)

Color. I lean toward the blue denim, green, beige Earth colors. This summer, though, I think bright is in order to dust off a bit of pandemic grit.

How lean  you with color? Bright, Pastel or Varied?

27 March 2021

The Joy of a Ceramic Knick Knack

Are there holiday decorations you've been meaning to dig into the closet and find? 

After reading the blog, The Marmalade Gypsy, I finally open the door, grabbed a bundle of plastic, unwrapped layer after layer, and found the pink bunny I haven't had out in many years. It is the only object I have looked for that was exactly where I thought I left it. I recall not having a box large enough to wrap and fit the tall delicate long earred ceramic rabbit. So I put it in a huge plastic bag, wrapped the plastic around and around, and placed it on a shelf in the storage closet where nothing could fall on it.

A great yard sale find, I'm reminded that this summer, yard sales are possible.

Have a Wonderful Week-end!