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05 November 2019

Snow Geese at Dead Creek

 Returning today on the 6th...no snow geese...(they returned though).
I'm not sure I want to take the dirt road into the reserve to see if they are there.
I did. No geese back there. I wanted to pull over and sob. Then, as I'm leaving, I see out of the corner of my eye, a huge flock landing in the big field visitor area.
Back at the visitor area...no geese! But, I can hear them on the distance. The problem is they are so far into the field, you need binoculars or camera zoom. There's a bit of hedgerow, and a dip near a little pond at the back of the field.
Yesterday... 5 October
The wind was strong and steady! Big flock of Snow Geese are at the Dead Creek Jerome Farm area on Route 17 in Addison, Vermont.

 I will post more photo in a few days. No wifi this AM.

Uploading photos, a neck banded snow goose appears! I reported it on the USGS.gov
Reportband.gov website.
I think there may be another number on the band as some examples show 3 numbers. It is still exciting to see one. In the hundreds of photos over the years, this snow goise is a first.

The majority of photos show foraging geese are facing away from the camera. They face into the wind, I suspect, to prevent feathers from blowing away in the strong wind


  1. Do you know where their final winter resting place will be?

  2. Hi Tabor,
    Wikipedia map, they winter along the East Coast from Massachusetts to as far south as South Carolina. I'm guessing your area might have them wintering over.

  3. A good spot for them to rest on a windy day.

    1. Hi William,
      The wind in that area is frequently strong and steady, a flat area close to Lake Champlain. Its like a wind tunnel between the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains.

  4. This is a striking picture.

    1. Hi Joanne,
      The flock is as large on both sides of what is in the photo.

  5. Seeing the snow geese was a great reminder of the huge flocks we saw on our trip across Saskatchewan three years ago. It was an amazing sight but the weather was too bad for us to even think of stopping to get photos.

    1. Hi Maryanne,
      Staying outside the car in that cold wind didn't last long. Instead, I roll down the window.

    2. I would have done that had it not been snowing and blowing and nowhere to pull off safely. Wish it had been a better day!

  6. Geese are the bain of our lives on Lewis. They crop the best grass and then leave their masses of disgusting faeces everywhere to sour the soil.

    1. Hi Graham,
      Places full of droopings, I unfortunately encountered at a historic area. Not a pleasant experience wearing sandals navigating out of the grass.


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